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6 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 3-Year Old Child Killed by Sled Dog in Napaskiak, Alaska

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  1. That's so sad! It really makes me sad, mad, and emotionally upset when a child dies in a horrific manner.

    I am glad they dealt with the dogs quickly. Shooting them was I believe the best option.

  2. within the last few days there was a fatality in spain too. i think the grandfather hung the pit bull after the parents got the dog off.

  3. Aggressive dogs, all tied up or chained outdoors. So many child deaths with this scenario.

    The sled dog people lobby with the dog fighting people and related breeder lobbies to oppose humane laws and public safety laws.

    Chaining them outside is cheap, and this is a business.

    Problem dog gets even worse on a chain 24/7, and the neighbors suffer the consequences.

    This guy will just fill up his yard with chained dogs again, and maybe in future we'll see a repeat performance with yet another child.

    Why do we let the same people do the same stupid things over and over again, and risk our safety?

  4. This would have to be classified as irresponsible owner, has dogs chained and allowed the child to wander into them. I've heard all my life that you make a dog mean if you chained them up. Most people know this and these people still didn't take enough care to protect this little girl.

  5. I do not believe that the chaining of real sled dogs is quite the same as the chaining of a pit bull or rottweiler. Working sled dogs have been chained for centuries. That said, a yard of chained sled dogs is no place for a child; the situation is clearly very dangerous. This danger is reflected in the Alaska study.

  6. "Working sled dogs have been chained for centuries"

    There's a reason that the sled dog industry is the underbelly of society. Uneducated, cruel people that do this for the money.

    Much like dog fighting.

    The abuses in the sled dog industry have long been documented. Chaining drives these dogs nuts like any other dog. They chain them for some of the samne reasons that dog fighters chain their dogs. has a lot of information about the myriad of abuses these dogs endure.

    Sled dog racing is far from admirable. It's another form of lower class abuse for profit.

    Not all sled dog people chained. The lower echelons did, and that has spread to the whole community, practically. The lowest dragged everything down with it.

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