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3 thoughts on “Boy, 10, Mauled by Rottweilers Remains in Intensive Care

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  1. Bravo Zulu to the heroic neighbor, he probably saved the boys life.

    How is that Broward Animal “Un”control can ascertain the dogs elapsed registration status so quickly post attack, yet does nothing to enforce the law “real time”?

    The costs of this boys medical treatment alone would pay for a system to track and enforce dog registrations.

  2. usually, i feel sorry for people whose dogs bite a kid in this scenario (regardless of breed) and i was ready to cut this rott owner some slack until i read that he had NOT licensed or vaccinated his dogs!!!
    whether a kid wanders over a property line or a crack heads trespasses with malicious intent, if a dog bites without a rabies shot, the owner should be charged with a felony!
    the punishment for failing to license & vaccinate your dog, should be be so severe that no one will fail to do it.

  3. I was working at an empty house yesterday and the lady from next door came over. She told me the guy that used to live there was arrested for running a meth lab. She also pointed out he used to chain his Rottweiller to the front porch, the chain was still there. She retired two years ago and was afraid to go outside if the dog was out. She has lived there for 20 years. I took the dog chain to a person that owns a pet store and was told not to chain a dog that weighed more than 50lbs with that chain. She also said that a 50lbs pit bull or Rottweiller would break that chain.
    I wonder how many of our retired people are living in fear. She complained to authorities a couple of times but was afraid to make to much trouble. If it were my mom or grandma, my brothers and I, would have went to have a little talk with the guy.
    Our town is only 12,000. You think this only happens in the big towns, it is everywhere.

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