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8 thoughts on “Animal Control Seeks Pit Bulls' Owner After Dog Attack

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  1. The Pit Bull version of a “Dine and Dash”.

    Most likely a selfish breed ambassador who believes taking her Pit to a dog park despite massive risk “helps the breed”.

  2. The video is terrifying….the victim is screaming at the pit owner, crying hysterically, to “Get them off, get them off!”. The owner of the pit bulls did nothing…obviously, she didn’t care or didn’t want to get bitten.

    You see glimpses of the small dog down, on its back, literally getting torn apart, as the camera dangles back and forth while the victim begs the pit owner to control her dogs.

    This is a very disturbing video, but I think everyone should watch it….just to get an understanding of what victims go through at the hands of pit owners.

  3. Good thing there are pictures of the two dogs who attacked. perhaps we all should hang wanted posters on every phone pole and in every store window in town
    These two pit bull’s must be caught and put down
    That goes for the lady/owner as well. Anyone who would leave after a scene like this would just as quickly drive away after running over your child!

  4. Well, I just read a pro-pit blogger at kcdogblog blaming the owner of the SMALL DOG that was killed, because she was “screaming in a high voice”, and should have just calmly removed her dog from the situation.

    Talk about breed bias…the pro-pit lobby has consistently shown contempt and hatred for small dog breeds; go onto their blogs and forums and read what they have to say when a pit kills a small dog. Most of them think the small dog somehow deserved it.

  5. Mr. KC is a high-pitched whiner himself!

    I’ve never read an opinion from him that wasn’t brutally self-serving, chalk full of finger pointing, and hypocritical to a degree that even a therapist could not measure.

    “When dogs get into a fight (which happens, they’re dogs after all), screaming in a high-pitched voice (as the woman does in the video) only escalates the excitement by all the dogs involved. Calmly removing the dogs from each other is the most effective way at handling the situation.”

    wow. i had to read that for myself. there it is in all of its glory.
    the level of ruthlessness and insensitivity of this comment is surpassed only by the pit bull eviscerating the weaker dog that rolls onto its back in a show of submission.

    what a despicable blowhard.

  7. They’ll say anything to distract from the two centuries of selection via the fighting pit which makes their breed grotesquely dog aggressive.

    Dog lovers…yeah right!

  8. Hmmm…the blogger thinks that the video shows dogs getting into a fight? There is a huge difference between a dog fight, and an “attack”. The small dog was not fighting, he was on his back. I grew up in a neighborhood full of unneutered male dogs in an era before leash laws, we could break up a dogfight pretty easy as kids. That’s because normal dogs stop fighting when one dog submits… a dog on it’s back it signaling “you win! fights over!”

    A fighting breed, however, ignores these signals of submission and continues to fight until the other dog is dead.

    To call that video an example of a dog fight is delusional…it was an example of two pit bulls attacking and wripping to pieces a small dog that did not, and could not, fight back. You can call it prey drive, explosive dog aggression, what have you, but you can’t with a straight face say that the dogs were fighting.

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