2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Woman Dies New Years Eve After Pit Bull Attack in Cleveland, Tennessee

One of several pit bulls belonging to the owner that killed Mable McCallister. Mable McCallister Cleveland, TN - WRCB reports that an 84-year old woman died New Years Eve after a pit bull owned by her grandson attacked her face and neck on December 18 in Cleveland. Mable Harrison McCallister was transported to Erlanger hospital's trauma unit, where she spent more than four days following the attack, according to Bradley County Medical Examiner Dr. Jeffery Miller. Privacy l… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Philadelphia Woman Killed by Husband's Pit Bulls

Memorial sign after Carmen Ramos was mauled to death by her husband's pit bulls. Protocol Breakdown? UPDATE 09/02/11: A week before the brutal attack that left Carmen Ramos dead, neighbor Dolores Estrella described how the same pit bulls had attacked and bitten her. Estrella was not the only person bitten in the August 19 incident, Gus Castro was as well. The PSCPA allegedly sent the dogs home three days later, which is a rabies protocol violation in many cities. The agency li… [Read full blog post]

Judge Returns Vicious Dogs to Firestone Man After Multiple Attacks

Judge Fails Victims Firestone, CO - So that readers better understand the way many existing dog laws operate -- to protect the dog owner and the dog, not to protect future victims -- we post this story. Despite five attacks, as well as a vicious dog conviction for each owner, the existing law allowed Judge Charles Unfug to return these dogs to their owners. The sixth attack inflicted severe injury to 54-year old Myma Lee, the dog owner's aunt. She is currently still hospitalized… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull 'Redirects' Attack onto Owner in Greeley, Colorado

Home-Quarantine Greeley, CO - It was reported yesterday that a man was walking his pit bull, when another dog appeared in a neighbor's window. The pit bull grew so agitated that it could not attack the unreachable dog that it "redirected" the attack upon its owner. The man was taken to North Colorado Medical Center and treated for numerous cuts and bites on his forearms and hands. The kicker is that the man then opted to "home quarantine" his dog after the attack. "A Greeley man wa… [Read full blog post]