Another Gruesome Attack by a ‘Grandparent’s Pet Pit Bull’ Leaves Child Disfigured

Permanent disfiguring pit bull injury suffered by Sarah Baily. Ear Attachment Fails UPDATE 04/13/11: WSBT reported yesterday that Sarah Bailey has permanently lost the ear that was bitten off by her grandfather's pit bull last month. "Doctors reattached the ear while giving Sarah blood thinners to keep it alive," explains the WSBT reporter. "But her ear recently died. The doctors were forced to remove it." The news group also reports that Sarah's mother is now facing evic… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 9-Year Old Kokomo Girl Mauled by Family Pit Bull Dies

Savannah Gragg, 9-years old, was killed by her family pit bull in Kokomo. Girl Dies of Severe Injuries UPDATE 06/03/10: It was reported today that Savannah Gragg died this afternoon due to the severe injuries inflicted by the family pit bull last Saturday. Marion County Deputy Coroner Carrie England ruled her death was caused by lacerations to the trachea that created a lack of oxygen to the brain.1 Savannah had been opening the door to let the pit bull outside when the dog sudd… [Read full blog post]

Radio Show Interviews Assistant City Attorney About Council Bluffs' Pit Bull Ban

Listen to Interview Indianapolis, IN - On March 5, radio talk show host Greg Browning interviewed Assistant City Attorney Don Bauermeister about the Council Bluffs, Iowa pit bull ban. The interview followed two pit bull attacks that occurred on March 4 in Indianapolis. One of the incidents involved victim James Bates, who was attacked by a pit bull that had been recently adopted from the Human Society of Indianapolis. The other incident involved police officer Jeffrey Vie… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull in Recent Mauling Adopted from the Humane Society of Indianapolis

From left: James Bates and humane society Director John Aleshire on the defense. Complaint Filed UPDATE 06/10/10: On June 4, James Bates, his mother Queen Bates and Queen's niece Jada Carson filed a Complaint in the Marion County Superior Court against Shawn Middleton and the Humane Society of Indianapolis. On March 4, James Bates was seriously injured by Middleton's two aggressive pit bulls. The pit bull that led the attack had been adopted out to Middleton by the humane so… [Read full blog post]