Pit Bull Owner's Sister Blames Mauling on 6-Year Old Tyah Norris

Pit bull attack victim, Tyah Norris. Photos Released UPDATE 01/03/11: The family of Tyah Norris has released recovery photos of Tyah four months after she was mauled by three pit bulls. Tyah endured hundreds of stitches, multiple surgeries and spent nearly three weeks at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital following the incident. Her visits to the hospital since have shifted from weekly to monthly. Like most pit bull scalp attack victims, Tyah underwent skin grafting and wil… [Read full blog post]

Dog Bite Victims' Attorney Responds to 'Blame the Victim' Comment After Horrific Mauling

A candlelight vigil held for Jennifer on her 22nd Birthday. The Death of Jennifer Lowe DogsBite.org - From time-to-time we publish a "blame the victim" comment to show our readers how shameful they are. On March 10, 2010, an anonymous commenter left the following message about the fatal pit bull mauling of Jennifer Lowe. During this lengthily and horrific attack, Jennifer fought back both pit bulls as they tore away her face, neck, shoulder and arms. She died shortly after re… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Owner Says Victim 'Got What She Deserved' After Attack

From left: Mandy Tucker, Natas, Michael Bradford and feud scene. Promises More Terror Evansville, IN - Mandy Tucker recently told reporters that the victim "got what she deserved" after being attacked by her pit bull "Natas" (Satan spelled backward). Sherry Bradford, had been walking down the street when Natas escaped its fence and attacked. Tucker also said, "I'm going to get [the victim] back and she won't like it. I'm going to walk [Natas] up and down the street everyday.… [Read full blog post]

Comment: Pit Bull Owners Consistently Blame Victims

Wendy and Charlotte Blevins at Creighton Medical Center after the attack. DogsBite.org - A comment was recently left at DogsBite.org about Tina Agerson's pit bull that suddenly attacked Charlotte Blevins and ripped off her scalp. The commenter, who is presumably a pit bull advocate, blames Charlotte's mother. The cruel accusation voiced by the commenter is universal amongst comments that we do not publish at DogsBite.org. So that readers can understand this spiteful m… [Read full blog post]