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9 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Dogs Suspected in Man's Death in Channelview, an Unincorporated Area in Harris County

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    • I have bicycled all over these United States, and let me tell you: Loose dogs are the bane of my existence. I’m also not very fond of the ones that, ahem, serenade me as I go pedaling by.

  1. Of course its always the pitbull who killed people mostly.most people aren’t aware that pitbull was bred to killed livestock they aren’t meant for pets .just like border collie was bred to hoard sheep.I will never understand why most people or parents chose a pitbull for a family pet most or some all pitbull are either aggressive or they killed.

  2. The area was widely known for having stray dogs yet no one did anything about it. I wonder how many people will die before they get rid of the dogs.

  3. Please identify the man who was killed by dogs and Channelview my son is homeless and I can’t find him! He speaks fluent Spanish and it’s dirty a lot so he may look Hispanic and he’s not

    • Kelley, from a link in this blog article:

      “Authorities urge you to call HCSO Homicide at 713-274-9100 if you have any information in this case.”

      I hope your contact w this Sheriff’s Office gives you good news.

  4. I hate to say this but it’s prob a situation in which the cops are going to make zero effort to find out victim’s identity infact any help or tips from public will likely be swept under a rug or ignored (sorry to say)

  5. I assume however that I some1 does contact police that some sort of identification process I’ll be made to deny or confirm for any next of kins-i hope this Kelley Rae finds out it wasn’t son

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