2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Birmingham Woman Found on Roadside in Ensley was Killed by Dogs Coroner Says

A 63-year old Birmingham woman discovered dead on a roadside in Ensley was killed by dogs. Woman Killed by Dogs Birmingham, AL - A woman found dead on a roadside in Birmingham's Ensley neighborhood on November 9 was killed by dogs, authorities said Monday. The announcement comes four days after one or more dogs inflicted the fatal attack. The dog(s) responsible, apparently, have not been located either, which means that any person walking in the area is at risk. The Jefferson… [Read full blog post]

2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Dogs Suspected in Man's Death in Channelview, an Unincorporated Area in Harris County

Police suspect that a man found dead Friday in Channelview was killed by dogs. Man Found Dead Channelview, TX - A man found dead near his bicycle early Friday morning is believed to have been killed by dogs. Harris County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) investigators said the body was found at about 1:00 am in the 15700 block of Garlang Street near Sheldon Road in Channelview, an unincorporated area in Harris County. Investigators said the man had multiple dog bite wounds on his body. T… [Read full blog post]