2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Spotsylvania County Man Killed by Pet Pit Bull

David Haigler, 38-years old, was killed by one of his pet pit bulls. Dog Caused Death archived Spotsylvania County, VA - In an incident we were alerted to yesterday, The Free Lance-Star reports that an autopsy has confirmed that one of David Quyon Haigler’s two pit bulls was responsible for his death. Haigler, 38-years old, was discovered dead in his home Saturday by his 18-year old son. The 6-year old pit bull accused in his death was loose in the home and initially would not all… [Read full blog post]

Spotsylvania Victim Lies to Authorities About Dog Breed After Son's Pit Bull Attacks

Arrested Again UPDATE 08/19/09: Michael Baggett has been arrested again. Earlier this month he was charged with obstruction of justice and filing a false police report after his pit bull violently attacked his mother and her dog. Both he and his mother, Sandra Manes, lied about the incident and blamed it on a "rottweiler-mix." Over the weekend, Baggett was arrested and charged with two counts of prescription fraud after an incident Saturday at a CVS Pharmacy on Courthouse R… [Read full blog post]

In Virginia, Every Dog Still Gets 'One Free Bite'

Contributory Negligence DefinedWaynesboro, VA - In Virginia, every dog gets one free bite, even if the first bite severely injures or kills a person. Furthermore, due to a statute called, contributory negligence, if a person is even 1% percent responsible for an accident, they are entitled to no compensation at all. After a Waynesboro boy was recently mauled by a dog, his mother, Lori Tinsley, expected police to take action. But because the dog was "on-property," and no pre… [Read full blog post]

2005 Dog Bite Fatality: Victim's Family Sues Animal Control in Spotsylvania

Officers Cleared in Suit UPDATE 03/06/09: A jury decided against awarding any money to Dorothy Sullivan's beneficiaries in the wrongful death suit filed against county employees. The suit, filed in 2007 against four Spotsylvania County animal control officers, claimed gross negligence by the officers in the time leading up to Sullivan's killing by a pack of pit bulls in March of 2005. Deanna Large, who owned the dogs, was convicted later that year of involuntary manslaug… [Read full blog post]