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7 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Relative's Pit Bull After Climbing Through a Window in New Orleans

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  1. Authorized to be someplace is one thing. At unreasonably elevated risk of grave threat while in reasonable proximity to a power breed canine is another thing. Small size power breed canines pack a lot of power and are extremely swift. Small size family breed canines don’t kill people or severely maul people. Small size pit bulls and Rottweilers do.

  2. I can only wonder why the man climbed through a window to enter a residence. Maybe he didn’t have a key. He obviously didn’t know the dog would attack him.

  3. Third death-by-pitbull in the USA, I’ve seen today.

    This may be a double post, my browser is being weird.

    As the heat increases, I suspect we’re going to see more and more of them, sadly.

  4. I can just hear the pit nutters saying, “Why was he climbing through the window, the doggie woggies probably thought he was an intruder”. Maybe the man didn’t have a key to the front door, maybe he was working on a project and needed to use/check the window, maybe the relatives asked him to enter through the window for whatever reason. Maybe it’s none of the above.

    Regardless of the reason, this man shouldn’t have been attacked and killed for this! A normal, safe breed of dog wouldn’t have killed a man for climbing into a home through a window.

    • Dunno where this took place but many places it’s illegal to kill someone just for theft, after all, nobody gets to be judge, jury and executioner…yet somehow pitbulls get a pass?

      I’m of the mindset that it isn’t worth killing someone over a TV that can be replaced.

      • I don’t understand why dogs that kill intruders are legal but shotgun traps, land mines and booby traps are all felonies. As long as you use a biological booby trap, a canine IED, you are covered legally in most states.

  5. The pitbull must have known the victim, after all he was ‘authorised’ to be on the residence, dude probably lived there or was staying there SMH… a pitbull will do what it damn well pleases and it pleases them to maul humans, often to death or with serious, life changing injuries. What a dreadfull breed, sure all dogs can bite but we only have a handful that can and WANT to maul folks (including sleeping babies) to death. It IS the breed! I don’t even think they are cute, it’s their eyes, they are a demon looking ‘pet’

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