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One thought on “DogsBite's Giving Tuesday Challenge 2021 - Help us Turn the Wheels of Justice Forward

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  1. I give twice a year. In October, because I figure that DBO funds may be low eleven months after the previous November, and again in May, six months after November.
    I have survived, unscathed, three ambush charge attacks by my neighbors loose full-on hostile aggressive dogs, with a tiny fraction of a second to spare each time, while on my daily seven mile walk in an average neighborhood. This is why the furthering of canine safety is of major importance to me. There is only a tiny little bit that I can do by making the topic of canine safety a near constant in my daily life. Colleen is the person who is able to effect a reduction of the horror of dog attack that is inflicted on the very young and on all others in our dog-eat-dog and dog-eat-person world. The best way I can further this cause is by donating to DBO. is named as a non-minor beneficiary of my stock portfolio, because I want to further the cause when I leave this planet.

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