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3 thoughts on “DogsBite's GivingTuesday Challenge 2020 - Rising Above & Beyond During COVID-19

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  1. Seven weeks ago, I began thinking that l am going to do November Giving a few weeks early. Colleen has taken a lot of time and effort to “…contributed to over half of all U.S. dog bite fatality reports so far in 2020.”, and it takes all of our support to help her continue to do this and the many other core functions that she does for all of us. If it were not for Colleens’ efforts, this scourge would be effectively swept under the carpet. This season is the time for us to support Colleens’ efforts.

  2. Agreed. Cuz with all the news focused elsewhere, people are locked down with non-functional dogs that don’t respond well at the best of times…

    …never mind how bad it can get during the worst of times.

    Nobody should be sold or given a dog that has them fearing for their lives.

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