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17 thoughts on “Model Letter: Advocate Writes to Candidates for Virginia Governor Outlining Poor Civil and Criminal Dog Bite Laws

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  1. Thank you, Colleen, for bringing attention to the valiant efforts of good people who fight to eliminate the slaughter of the innocents that result in societies that worship Almighty Dog, where such societies legislate the relegation of people to the subservient role of gory sacrificial fodder.

    Lack of knowledge is not the problem. Rather, it is lack of power in the hands of the innocents.

  2. I hate to admit this, but I confess a reluctance to get involved beyond sending a letter to my elected representatives, and only doing so if I can remain anonymous.

    In the past I had a animal abuse incident take place next door which made the local newspaper. { former dirtbag of a neighbor was a “regular” new item, so to say}

    And as a result of that particular incident, animal rights people were showing up at my house inquiring: who I was; where is so and so?; what does he look like?

    This went on for a few days until the town ACO stated in a commentary in the local newspaper to “not confront” Mr. dirt bag OR his neighbors.

    Many people I had to tell- “I understand your anger. But imagine how I’ve felt living next to this guy.” To which some of these nuts would angrily say “You should have reported the situation here.”

    {Like I didn’t,,, REPEATEDLY!}

    No. I don’t want to turn my home into Checkpoint Bedlam again. Things are so much nicer now that Mr. dirt bag has fled.

    I will say that I respect the heck out of Colleen and others who openly advocate for this cause. And I don’t need to ask if they’ve ever “felt threatened” by doing so, as I already know the answer.

    • Ah, yes. The animal rights people. They make pit bulls seem gentle and loving.

      And they’re THE reason why I prefer to remain anonymous.

      • I suppose there are exceptions. One of the ladies who showed up was a tall and remarkably striking golden haired blonde in her late 20’s. Unfortunately she was also a passionate dog nut.
        I know there’s a saying that opposites attract but I cannot see myself having to tolerate “doggie derangement” syndrome on a daily basis.

      • As evidenced by Merritt and Beth Clifton, animal advocacy doesn’t automatically translate to aggressive dog insanity. In fact, scratch the surface of many of the pit bull fans and you’ll see they are often just riding on the coattails of the cause and don’t actually support most of its tenets.


        • Pardon me for disagreeing, but I’ve not seen many {or even any} pit bull fans who aren’t dedicated to pushing and advancing the breed until we all bow down and worship them.

          Only after an “accident” do they change their viewpoint. And even that is not guaranteed.

          • Yeah, I didn’t say that clearly enough. I meant that many pit bull fans are just riding the coattails of the animal rights cause when it’s convenient; they don’t actually support those values. Just look at the number of hardline “no kill” rescues that hold steak fry fundraisers.

  3. I am shocked and disappointed that any state would have this 1% at fault rule. This is absolutely disgusting. Especially if just the fact that you are alive and in a location qualifies some degree of fault. Especially if they can put this type of fault on a young child. Can you send me to a link or provide a list of all the states that have this awful legislation?

  4. Not sure whether anyone here has seen the latest death: Tiffany Frangione in Houston. It’s getting hard for me to keep track of them all, lately.

  5. This was a horrible mauling I know I will ever get past. I have tried over the past 5 years but I can’t quite get the sight over it attacking Briar out of my head. Or the sight of its eyes and snarling frothing mouth abs teeth as it pulled my face partially off and ripped open my bicep. Or as it broke my hand and ripped into my forearm. Genetics matter. Our Animal Control officers matter when handling such dogs. It is important to remember rate the human factor of these maulings over the dogs.

  6. We do in fact have “vicious” dog laws in Virginia, so far I have never seen that designation on our dangerous dog listing with our Department of Agriculture. In 2005 the mauling death of Dorothy Sullivan resulted in involuntary manslaughter charges. In 2006 the death of toddler Payton Lyric Sawyers, a brave and determined Commonwealths attorney brought charges of manslaughter, and felony child abuse. Virginia is a state that wallows in guilt over the horrific crimes of Michael Vick .Allowing No Kill zealots , BFAS, The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies have found us easy pickings to convince our General Assembly that any restrictions on breeds sans the wolf & wolf hybrid)most do not have restrictions.until something really bad
    happens but we are fortunate to at least have the “right” to do so. Please if you read this, send me an email thanking my 16 signers and I will pass along, also Kathy Strouse and Sharon Adams. Thanks so much for publishing Colleen>

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