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5 thoughts on “Nonprofit Announces GoFundMe Charity Campaign on New Global Day of Giving - Staying the Course During Covid-19

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  1. For the past few weeks, I have been thinking that last November was six months ago and that next November is six more months away. Colleen takes a lot of time and effort “…to uncover severe dog maulings that are not being reported by the media. …”, and it takes all of our support to help her continue to do this and the many other core functions that she does for all of us. Today is the day for us to do so.

  2. Spike in dog attacks? We’ll never know in my area. Animal Control is on hiatus because of COVID-19 and are not responding to any calls. The police department will respond, but ONLY if it is an aggressive dog in active aggression. Otherwise… zip, nada, zilch! Meanwhile, 40 pit bulls were recently “rescued” and the local human society is pleading for funds and fostering them all over the place, including several pregnant females. That’s all we need, more pit bulls from fighting dog stock.

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