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13 thoughts on “Unmasking a Con: How a Sudden Pit Bull Activist Parleyed Role into Top Job at No-Kill Humane Society in El Paso

  1. Awesome expose!

    Westerman is a typical criminal “pittie fan.” I’m honestly surprised we don’t see more of this in the pit world the advocates are such overemotional fools, they’re easy pickings for someone like Westerman who preys on their warm fee-fees.

  2. It is fascinating to watch a breed advocate take his sanctimonious virtue signaling to an Olympic level while allegedly stealing from elderly people in his home state.

    Every abandoned business venture and every abandoned pit bull advocacy effort was paid for with somebody else’s money.

    I have the trial date inked on my calendar. Hope to see him held responsible.

  3. Great work! That’s the most comprehensive article on his layers and levels of deceit. I hope this article
    makes it to the judge in his case.

    I feel bad for his victims and I feel bad for the people who believed and still believe his BS.

  4. Don’t forget his partner in crime. His wife, Alisha Westerman (née Anstine) was with him every step of the way, held FINRA licenses as well, and was on Luke’s “boards” including being on and listing herself on LinkedIn as Director of the Westerman Family Foundation.

    • Alisha certainly came onto our radar. She was the Vice President of Finance for Westerman’s precursor company, US Equity. It’s unclear what she does professionally now, but she’s heavily into rescue. She also appears in county court filings — a complaint involving a student loan. That case status is now closed. It appears that Alisha has since removed her Linked In page.

  5. I went to church with these people. Only met in passing, but was well acquainted with some of his employees who left long before Solomon Global sank.

    It was funny, I saw through the charade almost immediately but so many in the church, including leadership, lacked all discernment and glommed on to this guy because he was “rich” and hip and had a really cool office downtown.

  6. Oh man! What an excellent breakdown of his activity! I was the one who told the president and VP of the board about the comments on FB accusing Luke of fraud. He had lied to my face many times by this point. The board members that resigned did the right thing! The remaining board members blame me but I know I did the right thing! This is a great article!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! The board members who resigned absolutely did the right thing. So did you. Westerman is now facing serious consequences. Other people who have written into DogsBite have voiced the same theme, “He had lied to my face many times by this point.” We also learned after we published that even his story about his dog “Franky,” is untrue. Frankie is not a hurricane Gustav rescue. Luke purchased the dog from a breeder! “Franky” was just one more part of Westerman’s fabricated narrative.

      • WOW! This just keeps getting better and better.

        Side note, my husband once hired someone who we figured out was a con artist and the goal of the con was gainful employment to eventually parlay that into owning the company. It was amazing to see the evolution of the whole process and how the lies began to just pile up almost daily. Lying about the littlest of things was natural to that person. Thankfully, he got rid of the con artist but we still deal with the repercussions (sheriff coming to the office on more than one occasion to serve the con artist, companies using the office address for serving papers to collect debts, the municipality sending bills for an extra business in the address due to con artist running a side business unbeknownst to my husband out of the office while on my husband’s payroll).

        • That is indeed a con artist you experienced first hand (“Lying about the littlest of things was natural to that person”)! Along with the repercussions as well. Con artists are believable and quite smooth. Only in “hindsight” do the red flags become clear. So glad you got rid of this person before more harm was done!

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