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18 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Newborn Baby Girl Killed by Family Dog in Kearney, Nebraska

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  1. The official ruling is incorrect. The death is not the result of accident due to unknown cause. The death is the result of a human being in reasonable proximity to an unpredictable and/or predictable dangerous canine. What else can be expected? Dangerous canines doing what dangerous canines do: For the first time, insidiously, without warning, killing and maiming their targeted perfect victims. Warning label on the five gallon bucket, warning label on the lithium ion batteries, warning label on the plastic wrap, but no warning label on the dangerous animal. How many people are seriously maimed every day, just in this country?

    Thank goodness it was not allowed to be loose on the street!

    • You hit the nail on its head! People are very well aware of the dangers if owning bully breeds,and your right this no accident! The parents should be charged with murder for allowing a known dangerous unpredictable animal around their baby. This makes 4 infants this year already killed by bully breeds! When are people going to say enough?

  2. I personally believe that the media has used Covid has an excuse to cease reporting inconvenient stories that do not fit their narrative. Pit bulls are being billed as the perfect family dog, so news stories that show death by pit bull are ignored.

    • I feel the exact same way. Pit attacks were already being covered up before covid. Now this is the perfect opportunity to ignore pit attacks in greater amounts because a lot of people only want to hear about the virus. It’s tragic.

      Dog bites were on the rise last year because of shelter covid dogs and we all know the majority of shelter dogs are bully breeds, but it was barely talked about.

    • Your right. It doesn’t fit their narrative or loving family dog. This is a dangerous cult we are in today where dog life is being held to a higher standard than human life. Its disgusting and shameful and many children will end up paying the price for it to.

  3. If the cause of death was “ accidental “ , why euthanize the dog ….lol.

    Oh, perhaps the parents need to be charged with murder because…..
    This was clearly a dog trained to kill infants…..somebody needs to look into these human homicide by trained House pet victims ! 🙄

    • that is exactly right-by their own claims this dog was obviously trained to kill infants -so by no charges ever being filed -that is saying that raising a dog to kill infants is completely acceptable by law

    • Exactly! 👏 when these dogs kill the child’s parents should automatically go to prison and the dog extinguished! These parents know very well they are playing Roulette with the lives of their children! These are NOT accidents but the media will sure say it is just to sweep what this breed does under the proverbial rug.

    • Y’know, having trained dogs I’m trying to figure out how exactly one would go about training dogs to eat babies.

      Wave dolls at them covered in bacon grease?

      How about all the slaughtered grannies? Gravy-coated Depends?

      I don’t think these pitbull cultists have a clue how loony they sound.

  4. I am grateful that the victim was not someone outside this household of the parents’ poor choices. Call it an American Bulldog to sound fancy, if you like, it is still a pit. Agree with above this was no “accident”… I get tired of hearing that word being used incorrectly and bastardized.

  5. There was a similar American bulldog case last year, but it did not occur in the middle of the night. That mother still has the killer dog as her Facebook profile. That was one of the cases where police did not issue a press release. The New Mexico mother was also a “big follower” of NCRC.

  6. It isn’t remarkable that pitbull maulings aren’t being covered by the news stories.

    For starters because every mainstream media outlet in the USA at this point (other than alternative news like this site) is owned by the same seven corporations and they’re selling goods to the pitbull cultists if not outright supporting them.

    Secondly it’s dangerous to journalists to tell the truth. Who wants years of death threats over an honest pitbull article when they can get the same amount of clicks (aka cash) for a pitbull in a bonnet with a sob story?

    It’s the same reason we couldn’t get coverage here when there were 6k evictions in a single month done on a faulty internet site that was inaccessible to most of the victims. They weren’t cute and fluffy, they were desperate people.

    Because it’s more profitable to yabble on about wearing a second mask and new strains of COVID than to talk about the actual proven fallout of this rampaging disease.

    Right now people are *importing* mutt dogs here because everyone wants a dog to walk around, with. And oh, the sobbity sob stories in the media about all these “saved” dogs. Nobody talks about what it’s costing or how profitable this recent upswing in the dog business, is.

    I don’t even want to think about the fallout when they all go back to work and there’s a plethora of ill-behaved, barking nuisance dogs left at home to fend for themselves all day by people who didn’t bother to train them for that eventuality. Betcha maulings really spike then.

  7. A previous American bulldog owner and hog hunter has been trying to submit a comment that we will not approve because this owner has not done his homework. An American bulldog is a cousin to the pit bull and is indeed a pit bull-type dog. An American bulldog is NOT a “strain” of the American bully, which is an even more recent breed divergence than the American bulldog. The person can read the debate from the actual two (Scott & Johnson type) American bulldog “re-creators” here. This infant’s death is not the time or place to debate whether or not this particular dog was a “working” breed or not. Also, we did locate the child’s obituary. Her name is Dreka White. We were unable to locate any dog photos on her family members Facebook pages.!/TributeWall

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