Nebraska City Passes Pit Bull Ban; Requires Half a Million Dollars in Liability Insurance

$500,000 Insurance Coverage Rushville, NE - The City of Rushville recently voted to ban new pit bulls. Citing a "rash of attacks" City Council members voted unanimously to prohibit new pit bulls in the city. The ban goes into effect in January. Existing pit bull owners must gain liability insurance coverage of $500,000 (Kudos to City Council members and City Attorney Jamian Simmons!), keep the animal securely confined, except when leashed and muzzled, and display a "Bewar… [Read full blog post]

Nebraska Humane Society Describes Pit Bull Injury as 'Mutilation'

Joyce Hayne in her hospital bed, pit bull owner Eraina Stubblefield and Sgt. Stubby1. Doctor's Save Leg UPDATE 09/21/09: Doctors were able to save Joyce Haynes' badly injured leg with a wound described as "large as a fist" in her left calf. Haynes said that she will need skin graft surgery to repair the damage. Despite this recent attack, Mark Langan of the Nebraska Humane Society says pit bull bites are down since new laws went into effect last year (including breed-specific p… [Read full blog post]

6-Year Old May Need Skin Grafts After Pit Bull Attack in La Vista

From left: Aliyah Balquier, pit bull wound, fence corner, Mark Langan (NHS). Aliyah's Story Unfolds UPDATE 05/22/09: The Omaha World-Herald reports, "The dog, named Stix, pushed against the fence, which leaned with his weight. He stuck his head over and latched onto Aliyah's arm. The neighbor had to punch Stix repeatedly to get him to let go." WOWT has a slightly different story, and a video that depicts Aliyah, her injuries, the fenced area and a brief message by Mark Langan… [Read full blog post]

The Charlotte Blevins Charitable Benefit - June 25, 2009

Charlotte Blevins Website Omaha, NE - The family of Charlotte Belvins is holding a benefit on June 25th -- the 1-year anniversary of the devastating pit bull attack -- to help raise funds for reconstructive surgeries. Last June, while strapped in a wagon, a pit bull approached Charlotte and her mother on a street in Omaha. Without warning, the dog clamped down on the toddler's scalp causing extensive injury. The family asks the community to join them in their efforts to raise t… [Read full blog post]