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4 thoughts on “Status Update: Heading Into Unknown Times, the 2020 Winter Months, Pit Bull Fraud Trials and National Legislation

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  1. The time to act decisively is now. The lambs to the slaughter strategy is not working. Celebrating November a few days early is one way I can be of concrete help.

  2. Redacting the military bans is very disturbing. Our family is military and has lived on base and visited many more. Bases are highly populated with children; many base housing neighborhoods do not even have fencing; and military members are often deployed or away in trainings, which means the dogs would be in households that experience numerous changes on a continual basis. All these scenarios are high-risk for pit bull attacks.

  3. Considering all the barriers this year Colleen, you did a fine job of keeping up, investigation and collating all this important public information.

    Thank you.

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