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11 thoughts on “Special Event at the Michigan State Capitol Building in Lansing Honoring National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day

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  1. It is good news to see some acknowledgement of the victims, the dangers of pit bulls, and some counter to the insane amount of propaganda. I wonder how many turds will show up with their murder dogs in tow.

    • I was just thinking the same thing. I’m sure the depraved lunatics, who are just as sociopathic and violent as their landsharks, will mount a “don’t bully my bully” protest at the event. I would expect nothing less from pit bull propagandists. They have as much class and tact as Westboro Baptist Church members who protest at veterans’ funerals.

  2. Best of luck at the event, Colleen! You’re saving people’s lives everyday by raising awareness of the dangers and unpredictability of pit bulls and their derivatives. The victims of the breed deserve recognition. So many beautiful, innocent people have died as a result of the mass influx of weaponized canines into our cities and neighborhoods. Seeing the faces of the sweet babies and toddlers wiped out by dogs absolutely breaks my heart.
    If I wasn’t almost 1000 miles away, I’d be there to support you and everyone else who’s experienced the awful trauma that pit bulls inflict on lives everyday.
    Keep up the good fight!

  3. I log into twitter, and this is the first thing I see, from Subaru no less.

    It will be a great day when there’s enough controversy that huge international corporations no longer push pit bulls with unknown histories as sweet doggies who just want to be loved. See ads like this as exhibit #23,000 in the causes of stories like Steve’s on the previous blog post.

  4. 73 percent of deaths from pitbulls and companies from Suburu to Bissell use the maulers in public relations advertising. We have a lot of work to do to help the public get the facts with so much propaganda and lies promoting these time bombs.

    • And it’s important for us to notice how these companies use language. Like the use of phrases like “homeless pets” and “shelter dogs.”

      What they’re doing is invoking pity for these animals, and we know better. They’re really talking about normalizing pit bulls.

  5. October is Pit Bull Awareness Month.

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    Pit bulls and breast cancer.
    Both can lead to disfigurement and death.

    No one who is truly aware and educated about these would want to acquire either breast cancer or pit bulls.

    No one who is aware and has compassion for others would want to create more pit bulls or more breast cancer.

    Pit bulls are especially terrible because, if someone else gets a pit bull, other people and pets can be disfigured or killed.

    No one who cares about the welfare of others would want more dog killer, horse killer, human killer dogs to be born.

    I’m all for awareness and education.

    The true experts of unprovoked, prolonged, suicidal, neutral ground, deadly aggression, the “kill or die trying” type of dog fighters, know that pits/bully dogs are different and the best at attacking , dismembering and killing.

    Proof? They all choose pits.

    • Hey so do you like the idea of taking their month and day and truly creating awareness. I just about vomited reading several websites about national pitbull awareness month.

  6. Oneil Colley is absolutely heroic. He looks a strong man, and was raining blows on that vicious mauler.
    The stupid owner screaming and flapping was useless, as owners always are.
    What a brave man..and the woman with the broom was brave, too, despite being ineffective.
    Hope the Mail worker is recovered, physically and emotionally.

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