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6 thoughts on “2008 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Dies In Pit Bull Attack At Camp Lejeune

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  1. Roughly a third of the comments on the site running the article are from pit bull loons. So on the very evening that pit bulls kill one 3 year old and gravely wound another, we’re asked to believe this could have been ANY breed, or that pit bulls are USUALLY misidentified, or mismanaged, or… blah-blah-blah.

    These people are out of their damn minds! And, for sure, I don’t buy any of their feigned sympathy for victims. They couldn’t be anymore transparent with their disingenuous nonsense.

  2. Last time I checked, the comments that opposed pit bulls had “comment edited” written beneath them by the news source! Pro mauling news source? I still managed to sneak a few on. Furthermore, only caught the connection with last year’s 5 million dollar lawsuit with the same military base about a separate vicious dog attack.

  3. It interesting that the Federal Gov’t mandated that Vick’s Pit Bulls could only be given to rescue organizations with $1Million liability insurance, yet they allow the Ultimate Canine Gladiator in high density miliary housing areas with tons of kids.

  4. There is a poll attached to the article asking if pit bulls should be banned – so far almost 60% say yes. Please vote!

    Also, saw a comment that said pit bulls and other aggressive dogs should be banned from bases because the military can’t insure the owners are doing their jobs. If the military can’t do it, neither can regular towns or animal controls.

  5. If were the parent, I would have been arrested for beating the babysitter to death.

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