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4 thoughts on “U.S. Marine Corps Bans Pit Bulls and Other Breeds; Policy Affects All Privatized Housing

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  1. Aggressive behavior in adopted dogs that passed a temperament test (STUDY)

    "Our results indicated that there are certain types of aggressive tendencies (territorial, predatory, and intra-specific aggression) that are not reliably exhibited during temperament testing using this particular evaluation process.

    These findings suggest that this temperament test fails to identify certain types of aggression. Efforts to protect public heath through temperament testing should take this into account by combining temperament testing results with shelter and/or foster behavioral evaluations…"

    Christensen, E. et al. Aggressive behavior in adopted dogs that passed a temperament test. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 106 (2007) 85-95.

  2. This ban will SAVE LIVES and prevent suffering and disfiguration.

    No family serving our country should have to endure the dangers and horrors of fighting dogs, also known as pit bulls.

    Pit bulls are NOT family dogs. They belong nowhere near children, adults, or other pets.

    In fact, they don't belong in our society.

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