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16 thoughts on “Family Dog Characterized as 'Docile' Kills Newborn Twins in Brazil; The Baby Girls Were 26 Days Old

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  1. Two in one shot — because one is never enough with these canines…Seriously, the ONLY REASON we have so rarely seen two in one shot is that these beasts TRY but there is either an intervention on site or a medical miracle…I say this because of the many videos we have watched where there is a redirection of attack when there wasn’t a repeat attempt to escalate the attack on the first victim — and mainly because that victim escaped…So, it isn’t for lack of trying…Owners should come to realize that but for someone stepping in to halt an attack there would be a berserker rampage and they would be coming home to a massacre as so often happens when a pit bull gets into a barn or a pen…

    …The second thing…Was the dog sitting on the babies?…or mauling them?…All these people who drape dogs and babies all over each other shouldn’t be surprised when the dog mauls or “sits” on the child until it is dead…

  2. These are zero-mistake dogs. In this case the “mistake” was not just the mother stepping over to the gate to talk for a few minutes (which a mother should be able to do for a moment without fear of finding maimed babies on her return)… the mistake was believing the lie that these dogs are trustworthy with children.

    All those who propagate the myth of the “nanny dog” are complicit with the deaths of these baby girls. And although they will share pictures of babies draped over their pits all day long and talk about how good of a nanny their dog is… their response to these deaths will be to say “never leave a baby alone with a dog.” So which is it, pit advocates? Nanny dog or a deadly danger if left alone? Because it can’t be both.

    A dog bed incorporated into a baby nursery… what has happened to common sense? Are these people so willfully blind or do they really believe it can’t happen to them, that THEIR dog is that special?

  3. Normal, civilized human beings who are not in the Spirit of Love project their deficient humanity onto dangerous canines, even though they know they are placing themselves and all others at risk of grave threat. Love causes no harm to others. Lack of Love is the dilemma. People know that dangerous canines pose a risk. People are not that stupid. Rather, people are that evil. Due solely to lack of Love, they project their irrational idealization of safety onto dangerous canines and thereby force all others to live with the risk of grave tragedy. People who are in Love do not force the risk of dangerous canines onto other people and their children.

    • Reminds me of situations where people marry (generally male) prisoners in prison for violent crimes while either disbelieving years of accrued proof of their partners’ violent pathology or ignoring it while claiming, “But they wouldn’t do it to ME. They LOVE me.”

      Same delusion.

  4. And here I was just saying this morning that it had been looking brighter recently after that long string of deaths earlier this month. But then I see this. 2 baby girls now gone. Losing one child is saddening enough. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes that that it really was a pit. No way newborn twins could provoke a dog and we all know pits attack unprovoked more than any other dog.

    Keep dogs away from helpless babies! A dog should never even have access to a baby. I cringed at the post of the woman who wants her dogs in her baby’s nursery. What is going on in this world?

    • Oh my gosh, that is horrible. I mean, seriously that’s beyond messed up. How on earth did those parents tell the surviving child that they had a twin, but they were killed by the family dog?! It’s sad enough to have a multiple pass in the womb or during birth due to complications. But being snatched and killed by a dog?! I would have no words if that was told to me.

  5. I cannot even imagine what you say to a mother like this one. Seriously, I am sitting here trying to imagine this happening to a friend. There would be a big part of me that would want to say, “Told you so.” and “What did you expect?” I think I would just give a generic condolence that would make no mention of what actually happened and then I would drift away. I try to avoid befriending anyone who has a pit or who wants one but sometimes your friends surprise you and adopt one out of nowhere.

  6. oh my goodness, the pregnant lady allowing her dog to sleep in the baby nursery… insanity…
    Also auto correct placed my name as ‘just’ Faulkner instead of Judy…a few comments back, sorry. I wish I could ‘like’ some of the comments I read on here but I know this site isnt about that. I love this site, although I can get mighty enraged about this injustice of dogs over people, type of crazy dog worshipping cult that has enveloped the Western world…to my US allies, please stay safe, from your Australian friend xx

  7. Once again, we see here that past behavior is no indication of future behavior in pit bulls because they are temperamentally unstable. While this trait was useful in killing bulls and bears in pits, animals to which dogs have no species specific aggression signals to recognize, and for killing other dogs in pits, where pit bulls were bred to ignore the species specific submission signals, these traits are deadly in a normal environment. Pits should not be pets.

  8. I am so glad pit bulls are banned in Australia, together with four other dangerous breeds. Unfortunately, there was a time when they weren’t banned, so there are still cross-bred pit bulls and probably a lot of them that are 80% or more pit bull and so we still have incidents from time to time.

  9. Something important here is that after a Cesarean the mother ‘shouldn’t’ pick up her baby without help, let alone two babies. My daughter had two C sections so I know. She should have had her husband or a nurse there to help her. She would have been very tired. She had the dog for 5 years so obviously felt it was safe. The dog might have got het up when they woke up depending how long the mother wasn’t there! But think of it, her whole life ruined in a few minutes! Many years of sadness & guilt. I wouldn’t have trusted a tame pit bull but she did! She was wrong & she knows it! I hope the couple can survive the pain & suffering! Long years of heartache! May they find some peace! 🙏

  10. Some news outlets are now reporting the dog as a Labrador in their headlines, then in the article say “Labrador/Foxhound.” And not only do they claim to definitively know the breed, but also magically know the dog’s motive… jealousy. I’d like to see the dog. And while we’re at it, I’d like to see the dog’s written confession in which it admits that it was indeed jealousy and not just a genetic predisposition to kill.

  11. Some news were glossing over about the breed as Lab mix to try protecting reputation of pitbulls. News reporting wrong breed to be stopped. Please call out The Sun news for lying about the breed.

  12. This is what we get when a generation of animal rights people have been promoting unwanted pit bulls (and similar ilk) as family pets because the shelters are now full (because the bleeding hearts won’t let them be euthanized).

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