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7 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Pit Bull Kills 'Visiting' Child in Las Vegas

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  1. Next step: Lawsuit against the dog owners. Call it BSL, breed specific litigation.

    • Animal Control needs to be included in this BSL. And I hope that the plaintiffs win.

  2. What kind of a county would let a fighting breed attack TWO times and do nothing? Animal control paved the way to this death.

    If only the family of the first attacked child had sued the dog's owner and property owner, and had insisted that charges go forward and sworn out a complaint. This deceased child would be alive today.

    Why do people do nothing when their children or pets are attacked?

    Why do I have a feeling that the authorities of this county will just shrug their shoulders, and then forget this child and act like this never happened? Our cities and counties have turned into dog fighting pits. People need to raise hell!

    • The authorities don't do anything. When my collie was attacked by a neighbours German shepherd I reported it to the police. I also got bitten during the attack. The owner of the shepherd told the police my own dog bit me and that my dog started the fight, and nothing was done about her dog. While I was speaking to the police they were helpful at first, until they found out I was walking my dog at the time of the attack – then they basically said "oh it was trying to attack your dog? Then it's not a dangerous dog." – they don't take attacks on pets seriously, not even attacks on humans if you had a pet present. The same dog had nearly killed another neighbours dog (tiny little lhasa apso) about 6 months prior which had been reported, when I asked the police if any other reports had been made about the same dog they told me "none" – a lie. A lot of covering up going on – in that case because the dog was an ex police dog and the owner was the widow of a policeman.

      I also don't trust police dogs anymore. I used to think they'd only be aggressive on command, now I know better.

  3. Mix (doubtful) or not, the pit bull is very apparent. The deaths by dog have been overwhelming lately! Just check out what's been happening the UK as well. 🙁 All of the dogs have been pit bull-type dogs (with the exception of today's attack by the Rottweiler/Chow/Shepherd mixes).

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