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10 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Staten Island Woman's Death Attributed to Dog Bite Injuries ME's Office Confirms

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  1. That sorry excuse for a daughter! Her lack of love and loyalty to her own Mom is repulsive. I hate to see terrible kids bring their terrible pits and problems when they move back in with family.

  2. The more I read about pit bull owners, the more they prove to me unequivocally that owning pit bulls is a sign of mental illness and instability. This poor woman's daughter is a perfect example. Greg Napora is another. Sick beyond words.

  3. Many of these adult children with pit bulls or pit bull mixes have already had problems with their dogs, and are often fleeing complaints. The mistake that parents and grandparents make is allowing these dogs into their homes. They must say no.

    If you have a situation like this in your neighborhood, you are at risk and need to be on high alert.

  4. Disgusting. How can she want to keep dogs that killed her own mother? It's unbelievable.

  5. "They r my dogs n I wAnt them back. I've been trying since they were taken. It's been 2 months to the day n I want them back."

    Oh. My. God. Unbelievable!

  6. It sounds like the daughter must not believe the dogs did it?

    According to pro-pit activists, those are just mutts. Or maybe an Akita and a Chow! After all, they called that other pit mix that killed a child a Border Collie…

  7. American bulldogs crossed with German shepherds? Sounds like a brilliant idea to me…(sarcasm) So there are dogs with the same genetics as these killers still out there. Does anyone know if the owners have been notified? What about those commenters on the NYC Urgent Dog website–have they been told what those dogs did?

  8. I posted in the comments section on the NYC Animal Care Center's page about what happened. There were the usual comments about saving these dogs as well as dawnschoentube's ones going back to December about trying to get them back. Now all comments have been erased…

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