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13 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Pit Bulls Kill Woman, Injure Son in Conifer, Colorado

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  1. I'm sure she adored those sweet pets. Probably told everyone they'd never been aggressive and wouldn't harm a flea.

  2. Pit bulls have been marketed to young people by pit bull advocacy groups that are actually BREEDER AND DOG FIGHTER advocacy groups.

    Unfortunately there are parents and grandparents who are not aware that these ate fighting breeds, and they are pressured to allow these dogs in the house.

    Parents and grandparents need to say no.

    • Animal shelters and rescue groups are also promoting these dogs to young people. Feel-good appeals are heavily used.

  3. OMG! Did you see the post from a "friend" on the sheriff's fb page? She said these were non aggressive dogs. I'd like to see what she thinks is aggressive.

  4. "his came in response to pit bull advocate Jason Schoshke accusing the sheriff's office of "speculating" on the breed in the aftermath of a horrific pit bull mauling death."

    So this pit bull breeder advocate was threatening the sheriff's office and trying to get information censored and kept from the public.

    This is rising to the point of terrorism.

  5. People who can't even admit what this crap breed was designed for (HINT: it involved a PIT and a BULL) have little chance of not failing as pit owners. I'd feel alot worse if the dogs killed a neighbors kid like they usually do. Own the breed, pay for its deed.

  6. I just looked at the comments on the news story you linked. In response to a breed defender, one user named "Claddy" wrote the following:

    "My wife and I own a Large Pit Bull pushing 80 pounds, yes he's fat but we have not had him fixed as they say. He hasn't shown any issues with aggression toward us but he does get very defensive /aggressive when strangers come toward our house. We live more than a mile off the main highway and 25+ miles from the nearest town, we specifically got him for his aggressive nature in guarding our home and my wife who is a stay at home mom, she really doesn't care much for guns although I have several but the dog has proven he's very protective towards my wife and I both. We are both mindful of the reputation some have had but ours hasn't shown us anything but licks and wagging tail."

    Oh, my gosh! He's writing that on a story about 2 pits killing a woman! How to undo the brainwashing?

    • Almost impossible – he will have to have his wife or child savaged to death and even then he may not see the truth.

    • Uhhh? "Not aggressive towards us" but just anyone else. These would make lovely neighbors.
      I have so many questions for this clueless father, husband, pit owner.
      So you aquired it for its aggressive tendencies?
      What about your child/children?
      Your wife doesn't like guns but she likes loaded bombs with legs and teeth?

  7. If any of my lovely neighbors had a dog like that, their landlord would be getting a little letter from me. And that letter would include the name of a local lawyer-friend. This friend recently won a $500k judgement in a pit bull mauling case.

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