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8 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Rottweilers at Home One Day Kill Baby on Iowa Tribal Land

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  1. The Indian tribes RARELY have a response after a serious or fatal dog attack: "An Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma spokeswoman said the tribe had no comment about the attack." The question is, HOW MANY tribal serious or fatal dog attacks go unreported by the U.S. media? Tribal lands = gambling = pit bulls raised for the purposes of DOGFIGHTING. The Iowa tribal community is even trying to cover up a fatal mauling by a ROTTWIELER. Give me a break already!

  2. There has been pit bull breeding on Indian land, which was discovered after some of the pit bulls got loose, crossed the border into non-Indian land, and brutally mauled someone nearly to death.

    The sad thing is that many Indian areas have abandoned, stray dogs dying in the streets and in the woods. Breeding countless litters outside that then starve or get hit by cars, etc.

    It's an awful problem that much of America doesn't know about, just as the rest of America doesn't know about the pit bull breeding and dog attacks on Indian land.

  3. We had RAVS, the mobile vet service from HSUS, come to Indian land a few years ago and did production line spay/neuter and medical. RAVS will always ask first if your request is for tribal land because they want to do this due to the severe problems on the reservations. The problems with dogs and animals on tribal land is well known and recognized by HSUS and others.

  4. PERKINS, Okla. (AP) — An official with the Iowa Tribe in Perkins says two rottweilers that attacked and killed an 8-month-old boy have been destroyed. Tribal Administrator Stephanie Ramsey said in a statement Wednesday that the two dogs were given to the infant's family on Sunday. Ramsey says the dogs mauled Justin Josiah Big Soldier-Lopez on Monday after being brought into the home because it was raining.

  5. Anyone know if they were male and female, unaltered? Sounds like they wanted to become "breeders". It's one thing for an adult who makes decisions to be killed, but quite another for an innocent child to be killed because of an adult's decisions. I understand that that the Haakers aren't going to be charged with the death of their child. This needs to end. Parents are charged if they leave their baby in a tub of water to drown while they answer the phone, why not charge the parents when the dogs kill? I've actually heard people say that the DOGS should have known better.

  6. What where they thinking? They don't. Once again perception and reality meet in the deadly areana of fate, Stupidity. This arean is truly a vicious circle. My contempt infinite, still I ache more for the pain as parents and the inconsolable mother. My heart aches and I will pray.

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