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3 thoughts on “2016 Legislative Highlights: Local Control Dominates Again; Six States Reject Preemption Bills Prohibiting Pit Bull Laws

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  1. I am so grateful that you are telling it like it is.

    Best Friends Animal Society is no friend to people or to dogs. Their lobbying efforts DO represent the financial interests of dog fighters, and have helped dog fighters and pit bull breeders proliferate and flourish to the point that fighting and overbreeding are the biggest killers of pit bulls.

    But as it gets worse for the pit bulls themselves, they just double down on representing things that simply result in protecting the fighters and breeders, and enabling them.

    There is no way that anyone can deny it at this point. We see the terrible consequences of their lobbying all around us.

    They just don't seem to care no matter how many lives, including pit bull lives, they destroy.

    (I also want to repeat what many have said before. The AKC Good Citizen certificate is completely meaningless when it comes to canine aggression or danger. It means nothing. Dogs with these certificates have gone on to kill or maul)

    • Friends don't let friends donate to the Best Friends and other organizations like them.

  2. Wow, that's a nice string of wins. And it feels doubly good when you know that pit bull groups are spending money on every loss too. And hopefully they'll run out or decide to quit wasting it.

    Sadly, I live in the state that's likely to end the string of victories. The very same state suing the Federal government so that they can enforce an "inequality under the law" statute, overturning local policies that tried people with fairness and respect. If there's a "most" backward and stupid place in this country, this is it. This wretched place doesn't understand the colossal difference between pride and shamelessness.

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