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4 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Oklahoma Man Dies After Vicious Attack by Five Pit Bulls

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  1. Who wrote this article? The article requires correction. Edgar Brown was visiting a property NEAR or ADJACENT to the home from which the dogs escaped. The dogs were not sufficiently secured within their own property and were able to get onto the property (rental or otherwise is irrelevant) that Edgar was visiting. They attacked on someone else's property.

  2. Having one of these monsters is bad enough, but 5? Wanting 5 dogs in general is already weird, but pits? That's like wanting to own several large poisonous snakes. It's a house of horror,

    I'm glad the maulers were put down at least.

  3. As if this could not get more confusing. Edgar's sister left this comment yesterday at the News 9 article (scroll to very end)
    Twana Hamblin Haley · Putnam City High School
    I'm edgars sister he was not in their yard, he was in the yard behind the dogs, they jumped over the fence one dog that weighed around 80 pounds broke his chain
    Unlike · Reply · 2 · Oct 24, 2015 8:40am

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