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8 thoughts on “2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Ardmore Man Mauled to Death by Chained Pit Bull

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  1. RICKEY GRANT has a criminal record. what a surprise.

    meanwhile in wisconsin, senator dave hensen of green bay is proposing they ban felons from owning vicious dogs. "If a convicted felon cannot hold a gun, why can they have a dog that's so dangerous?",0,6993067.story

    it's just common sense.

  2. US PITICIDE number 280.

    164th American killed by a Pit Bull since the Dog Lobby run CDC panel assured us that breed doesn't matter.

    I think they may have lied!

  3. A local comment left at the Ardmoreite website (April Taurus):

    Just a few words of the truth. First of all Tony and the dog owners were friends and he would sit on their porch with them gone waiting on them to return many times. So to clear this up he did not walk up on the porch and get attacked because this dog was doing his job and protecting the house, no Tony and this dog knew one another. The other part about no one coming to his rescue is not true at all. No one heard any cries or screams for help in the initial attack. Here is the truth, the little boy that was bit a month ago was the first person to see the dog on top of Tony, he ran as fast as he could to an adult. There were people trying to help but the dog would not let anyone close to Tony. This was the most vicious thing I have ever witnessed in my life. Yes I was one of the people that tried to help. People on the scene were interviewed and rest assured we all told the truth about the situation, for example one neighbor that saw Tony on the porch by the dog has not been quoted or the paper wouldn't have said they aren't sure if Tony walked up on the porch and the dog was simply protecting his owners home, THAT IS THE FURTHEST THING FROM THE TRUTH !!! Please say an extra prayer for the little boy that survived the dog attack only to walk up on the same dog the day after he got the 20 stitches he was acquired from his attack. Killing a grown man who was also his friend that shot hoops with him now and then. Bless his young heart.
    If proper action would have been taken when the boy was bit this would have never had to happen. Senseless is an understatement. By the way there were no Beware Of Dog signs or any other sign in the yard whatsoever. Someone needs to be held accountable that's the bottom line. It's sad to think it takes someone dying for action to be taken. The dog owners were escorted by Carter County law and protected from harm today when they came out and recovered the other four dogs they had tied to trees.
    I had a friend once that had a small breed dog that bit a neighbor and could not produce rabies vaccination papers for the dog, the dog was taken and put to sleep, decapitated and the head was examined for rabies, for which the dog did not have. Oh yeah I remember now that was in the city of Ardmore. Golden Oaks is outside city limits, so when the boy was bit the animal control was not sent out here, but someone dies and the animal control was sent out to retrieve the dog after he was shot. In conclusion we are tax paying citizens out here one quarter of a mile outside the city limits of Ardmore and shouldn't we be able to count on our County laws protecting the safety of our families and our children out here too ?

  4. It is bizarre and saddening indeed. The fact that they had a statute on the books is commendable. What the jury recommended could only be described as "painful." The judge has final say, let's hope he better understands the forever loss of human life.

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