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19 thoughts on “Video: Grandmother Viciously Attacked by Family Pit Bull During Ice Bucket Challenge

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  1. Here is a dog showing a classic bull dog trait: going for the face of the victim. This is what pit bulls were bred for, and one of the reasons they are so dangerous.

  2. EXCELLENT POST !!! The still frames are chilling. The width and depth of that pit's mouth next to that little boy's head…that child would have not had a scalp left. Yes, Dayna, it is nothing short of miraculous. Regardless of any criticism I or anyone else might have of the grandparents taking that dog in (I am a grandmother and I've had dogs put off on me also) the grandparents and their daughter are to be commended for attempting to prevent future victims of these dogs. They may regret showing the public this video and take it down but I hope they don't and I wish to thank them for their efforts and courage in putting this video out there.

  3. Sarah, the dog certainly may have been tense in the immediate seconds following the attack, but the daughter that posted the video actually took the dog away after the attack. She comments similarly, not long after the attack, the dog was acting “like his normal self. wagging tail and all. like nothing had happened at all.” I had to go frame by frame to capture the stills and a lot of what happened occurred off camera.

    18 hours ago
    pause at 44 seconds please you will notice the rope coming from the dog's collar. he was not allowed to roam at all. he was dumb and stubborn but we did not expect him to do this at all. I can assure you if he shown any signs of serious aggression ever such as growling, barking, showing teeth or if we had know that he had bitten my sister he would not have been allowed at my moms period. but no one expected this to happen at all. even right before it happened he showed no signs of anxiety or excitement. when i got to my moms my dad was restraining him because he continued to try to get back to my mom so my dad had to hold him because my moms facial tissue was falling off her face and she literally couldn't move so when i finally got there i was able to take him down to a kennel away from her and he acted like his normal self. wagging tail and all. like nothing had happened at all.

  4. After reading the details of this dog it is nothing short of miraculous that he didn't go after one of the children.

    • My thoughts exactly. He had previously "knock them down" as they'd "run by". Any one of those times a child could have been killed. The fact that it didn't happen is miraculous indeed!

  5. The way he went right for the face and pulled her down – dogs aren't supposed to do that. Dogs *don't* do that. I've seen dogs who would be "set off" by noise or action, and might have bitten in that situation. But not like that.

    I have to disagree about the brief shot of the pit after the attack – it's not calm. It's not struggling, but it's tensed and poised to go again – it's standing straight, staring, eyes wide and hard, ears back, body braced against the restraint, and its mouth is a thin tight line.

  6. More breeding. The sister was involved with pit bull breeders, and dog fighters from what she described.

    That is the point of pit bull advocacy and lobbying, so those who make money from these dogs can keep doing it, no matter who they harm or what damage they do.

    This is what groups like Best friends Animal Society and their sheep-like followers are supporting.

    (Some of their supporters, who here attacked and blamed the victim, as they always do. Never the breeders, do you notice?)

    I hope people learn from this incident, but they need to understand that the pit bull did what it was specifically bred by people to do. This is normal behavior for a pit bull, to attack and kill.

    There is no way to train a pit bull not to do this.

    This lady is lucky she survived, and those kids came within an inch of the end of their lives, literally.

    It's going to happen again and again across America as long as the pit bull money market advocacy keeps getting away with lies

    The lady that put up this video is very brave and did a great service, and likely saved lives because some people saw the truth here that pit bull lobbying wants to hide

    I hope victim advocates can help her to ignore the hate attacks from the pit bull lobby

  7. I'm sorry, after I posted my comment, I caught your paragraph addressing the fighting issue.

    More than likely, this dog was advertised for stud on facebook and craigslist, who refuse to stop this kind of underground dog breeding industry activity on their sites and cause a lot of harm.

    Just imagine if you had the bad luck to live next to the sister when she had the dog.

  8. Update: The video has surpassed 45k views, at least one news source (in Georgia) has written about it and the video poster just removed about 400 comments, possibly by banning a swath of pit bull promoters.

  9. I disagree with this part of the video description:

    Unless you are going to take the time to make an animal a pet then it will remain an animal.

    No, no, and no. A dog is *always* an animal, even after it becomes a pet.

    A pit bull? It's a vicious animal, and it has been bred to disguise this tendency until it suddenly attacks.

  10. And yet we're supposed to listen to these FOOLS when they tell us their pibbles is different and would never hurt a fly. Right.

  11. " the video poster just removed about 400 comments, possibly by banning a swath of pit bull promoter"

    Good for her. Ignore these organized, evil moneygrubbers

    Many of them that are attacking her are not even from this country

    I saw at least one dog fighter from Australia attacking.

    They attack because they want to censor and silence so they can go on lying and making money from these dogs and get away with murder

    Kind of like if the tobacco industry set up their lobbyists to attack any public health videos exposing the dangers of tobacco

    They tried that too once upon a time when people spoke the truth, but good people didn't back down and kept telling the truth

    By letting people see the truth, the lady who posted this video could be saving lives every day, especially some of those who have gotten nothing but propaganda and lobbyist lies through a sometimes corrupted media

    I hope that victim advocates let her know

  12. I could not watch the video but I think your family is very brave for sharing. People can be very cruel in their comments but the truth needs to be told. Hope your family heals from this horrible attack.

  13. Too bad these dumbass dogs don't use their bark instead of their teeth when "protecting" their loved ones. Any other dog would just bark if it got excited.
    I am always blown away at the high stress life pitbull owners choose for themselves… To have this high risk animal around that could any minute kill you or another person! I get it that these people are either martyrs or sociopaths or in most cases completely ignorant, but still, to have a dog that makes people uncomfortable when they are in your home? To simply look at the mouth of your Pitbull and know that it is the same size or bigger than your child's head, knowing the child doesn't stand a chance if the dog bites?
    And I won't ever understand the Nanny dog thing?!? Why in the world would you put an animal in charge of children? Isn't that what a parent is for? Let me tell you, my kids are safe tonight because of me and my husband, not because of the animals in our home.

  14. “Any other dog would just bark if it got excited. I am always blown away at the high stress life pitbull owners choose for themselves” — Golden Jensen Family! This could not be stated more simply or clearly.
    Some updates:
    The video has surpassed 200k views. During the first few days, I was watching comments closely to see if there was any other location information outside of selling the dog’s offspring in New Orleans. Then hundreds of comments were deleted in a fatal swoop and I stopped tracking. The Daily Mail reported the victim’s name earlier today and her location as Florida. The article also claims it was a son who posted the video not a daughter. That’s a little problematic given that the poster made the following statement on 2/27 — the day the video was posted — and had already been documented in our screen shots: “He weighed a whopping 125lbs and was built tanky. I am a heavy girl and i had a hard time when he would jump on me while i was trying work with him.”

  15. It is Thursday March 5. The video is now offline. The user turned it to "private". At last count it was approaching half a million views. Prior to being taken offline, the user shut off comments and also required the 18 and older graphic warning agreement. So it lasted 6 days online. I will be uploading the backup file soon and hosting on DogsBite.

  16. I can't believe how wide open it's mouth is, it's actually more open than the width of it's neck, like a shark with it's muzzle pulled up. Look at it's eyes as it bites. This is a little horror movie, from a cute family bit of fun to pure horror. What is wrong with people, why bring a thing like this into a family and expect anything good to come of it?

  17. People don't learn….this breed can kill. Tired of hearing its the owner, how they are raised all those who make excuses for this breed, look into the eyes of families who have had children mauled to death. I wont own a dog who can do this damage. Say what you want about a 4 pound yorkie…can never do this damage…physically impossible

  18. I came across this blog after looking for information on the unpredictable nature of pitbulls. A old friend of mine had a pitbull many years ago although i wasn't told by her that's what breed he was, i found out only today when i was told by our mutual friend he had bitten his owner. I wasn't at all surprised as a few years previously i had been in their kitchen with my daughter who was a toddler at the time, My daughter was playing and the dog was asleep on the other side of the room, whilst playing she let out a squeal very similar to the squeals of delight you hear in this video before the attack. The dog ran from his bed and i knew instantly he was going to go for my daughter, i grabbed my daughter and pulled her high into the air, luckily i had just come from the stables so had my long leather yard boots on, as the dog jumped to get my daughter i protected us by putting my leg out. The dog grabbed my boot and ripped the leather with ease. My friend struggled to free her dog from me and actually had to get a broom to help beat the dog from leg. My daughter and i were lucky to come out with no a scratch on us, and i thank my lucky stars that day i was wearing thick leather boots that had lots of lining in the so they were thermal. The boots were shredded by the time my friend freed my leg from the dog. I never went and visited my friend again and reported the attack but i never followed up the reports because i assumed wrongly that something would be done. I am under no doubt it was the noise that startled the dog to provoke this behaviour but even still that makes them a very dangerous animal. This dog was well trained, well loved and very obedient but he turned and it happened very quickly. If it hadn't have been for the fact i have worked with dogs in the past i might have missed the signs. My daughters face would have been exactly where the dog would have made contact if i had not have grabbed her and my stomach turns when i think of the damage that dog could have done to my beautiful daughter, scars that would have lasted forever.
    When i found out the dog had attacked his owner i was not shocked, i found out the attack had been under similar circumstances. My friend was at a BBQ and her friends had arranged to play games in the garden, they were doing a egg and spoon race, as my friend came closer to the finishing line her friends started cheering her on, and it was at this time the dog attacked her (again during moments of high pitched noise) This dog has since been PTS, and could have caused someone real damage or worse. I plead with people not to buy this breed. I had known this dog for years, my friend did agility with this dog he was well trained and a member of the family, but this dogs prey drive kicks in very quickly and it is my thought that it happens during moments of high pitched noise or sudden movement something that can at anytime. Don't put others at risk, they have a strong bite and a unpredictable nature and its selfish to put others at risk, its also selfish to breed a dog that can never be trusted its not good for the poor dog either.

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