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8 thoughts on “ArtPrize Exhibit, 'Out of the Blue,' the First Physical Memorial for Fatal Dog Attack Victims

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  1. Love the last line : The photograph of these women "gloating" with their pit bulls at the exhibit is extremely disturbing. Narcipitism, however, is a well-documented characteristic amongst pit bull owners.

  2. So proud of you for doing this Joan. I really don't know what anyone would protest. Are these victims dead? Yes. Were the majority of them killed by pit bulls? Yes. Are we just going to sit in a corner with our fingers in our ears and pretend this didn't happen? Can our children at least have the respect that they deserve by at least acknowledging HOW they were killed?

    I suggest any of the 2013/2014 victims of dog attacks and their families drive to MI this weekend or next and let them know that this art display is a great way to honor their dead.

  3. This is awesome, wow, thanks for making this great art. Only locals or those that can show up to the site can vote, so if you are near, make the trip.

    Those 3 women, with their game bred maulers, grinning while sitting on the memorial, make me sick. How do they not realize how foolish they look? JFC.

  4. Thank you for this. We cannot allow the victims to be forgotten. Every way they can be given a voice is a step in the right direction.
    And, of course, the pit idiots will not even allow us to mourn our dead in peace. Their shrill self-righteousness only draws attention to their lack of respect for victims that died a horrible and needless death. Their presence there is as much of an abomination as Darla Napora's husband burying her killer with her.

  5. Hey Jaloney, better get down there and add another cross for them to protest. DBRF #30 while pit bull owners were protesting dead people.

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