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16 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Dog Kills Baby in Michigan; Father Had to 'Pry Open' Dog's Jaws

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  1. From the dogs I have seen online, a lot of these are pitbulls and pitmixes. Pitbull owners are known to misrepresent the breed to dupe landlords and insurance companies. Just one of many dogs represented as a Catahoula hound
    From Catahoula Leopards page Sure look like pitbulls

  2. Its some worthless shitbull variant. Bottom line – Another worthless craphound takes a human life.

  3. The attack style doesn't sound like a Catahoula. They are the snap, bite, release type. I would bet this dog had pit blood, just because the pattern of attack is so similar to maulers: dog staying with the kid temporarily, unprovoked attack, jaws locked to the point they needed to be pried open.

    Pit breeders do outcross to catahoulas, and catahoula breeders have done the same. It sucks because pure Catahoulas are a beautiful, functional dog, not vicious, and are the only breed native to North America. It is a shame.

    I cannot imagine what that father went through.

  4. It should be notes that the merle issue runs pretty deep too. The APBT breeders look down on it like a disease:

    The recent appearance of merle patterned APBTs and a couple breeders specializing in the "new" and "rare" color pattern has stirred up a controversy in the APBT community. The general thought among those that have been around the breed for the greatest number of years is that, these new color patterns were brought about by unscrupulous outcrossing to a separate breed such as Catahoula Leopard dogs. Several breeds are known to carry merle as a color pattern but the APBT is not one known to have ever carried this "infected" allele. What is known is that Catahoula Leopard dogs along with pit bulls are often used in the sport of hog catching and it is known that crosses of these breeds have been made in attempts to produce more competitive catch dogs.


    The ONLY color which is a disqualifying fault for the American pit bull is merle. Merle is a solid base coat color splotched with red or brindle or blue spots or patches.

    Merle is rightfully a disqualification from all legitimate registries for the simple reason merle is not a color associated with purebred mastiffs or bulldog types. The only "mastiff type" dog which comes merle (though not as an approved color) is the great Dane, which was developed by the crossbreeding of several mastiff, bulldog and hound breeds.

    Only recently have merle "pit bulls" appeared, and in almost all cases the color can be traced back to crossbreeding with catahoula leopard dogs. This cross is particularly common in the South.

    There are no purebred American pit bulls which are merle.

  5. This is funny — a Cat bull breeder is trying to redeem the mixed-breed on a pit bull forum and points to the (LOLs). The game-doggers hate this crap (the Cat bull is considered a pariah to them!) Also funny that Ambulls were only "first" recognized in 1999 by the UKC, never by the AKC, but the "Cat bull" cross has been recognized, allegedly, by some southern unrecognized kennel clubs for over 100 years! See how that does not work? 1999 is not 100 years ago! Here is the game-doggers response: So only a cur is acceptable as is cat bull… The only American bulldog strain not a mutt is original Scott line as they were simply the freaky big dogs straight from Colby.

  6. The only Catahoulas I've ever seen were crossed with Australian Shepherds and used as cattle dogs. Yes, there are still real cowboys out there. You can hire them to round up your cows for you. They'll come with their horse and dog in a stock trailer. These are working dogs in the strictest sense. They are not pets and pay no attention to people other than their owner. They are completely focused on the cows and the rider. I don't know if they make good pets. And obviously, mixing anything with pit turns it into a time bomb.

  7. The attack pattern also says Pitt to me too. Houlas don't clamp down like that. It's literally not what they are bred to do as an attack style.

    They are bred to take down wild boars. Clamping down like that will get them killed.

    My Catahoula has such a precise bite that he has grabbed birds out of of the air only to release them wet and alive when told to leave it. And we don't hunt. He has NO training on how to do it.

    They are an old and pure breed so their breed traits are carefully bred for.

    And they are assertive not aggressive usually. I can understand a Houla being unhappy with being removed from a couch but if he was wanted to bite I just don't see him missing his target by that much.

    Even aggressive Houlas don't zone out in attacks. It's pretty precise. Anyone who had a Catahoula is well aware of the tendencies of this breed and we are never suprised by our dogs not liking someone but this just doesn't sound like their style.

  8. Out of respect to the family, I do not wish to cause added stress by posting pictures.
    For clarity purposes and fairness to the Catahoula, I do feel it is important that the breed of this dog is reported correctly.
    This litter has strong pit characteristics and I am shocked that no one that is involved with the case has spoken up, i.e. Sheriff, Animal Control, etc. because I know that just by looking at the dog they would be able to recognize the pit traits/characteristics.
    It is baffling.
    Also, the article states that the dog belongs to the Uncle, this is incorrect. The dog has lived with the baby's parents for at least 2 years.
    Rest in Peace, Holden. And may the family find strength and comfort during this traumatic time.

  9. @ Danny Spade. I didn't mean to sound disrespectful to the family. I apologize. I'm sure that the pain they are going through right now is their main concern.

  10. Catahoulas are a breed thats been around long before pitt bulls. They are smarter quicker than a pitt. They are Hard_Herders and also hunters. They are high energy. They make good yard dogs on a ranch. They can be dangerous. I got one as a puppy, it was uncontrollable and destructive. It dismanteled my home from the ground up. If i walked through the yard it play attacked, wouldnt mind, so I gave her away to someone who could handle her.I am pretty sure she would have really attacked eventually. Ive owned a Chow till he passed away at 17 . Ive owned Sheppards and one doberman. I put a Catahoula in the same catagory as a pittbull. They are bred to attack and kill. I would not ever recomend one.

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