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4 thoughts on “ Publishes Rebuttal Letter in Defense of Texas Medical Study

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  1. "I would suggest that a scientific medical injury study pertaining to the public health and safety of human beings is only suited for human medical professionals."

    'Vet tech' isn't even an animal medical professional. It's at best a community college level certificate that's all about administration, how to clean floors and equipment, the names of instruments a vet might ask for during an operation, such things.

    It's common practice that these 'vet techs' often quickly come to believe they are unrecognized veterinarians just because they often hear which pills a vet prescribes.

    'Vet tech' is (obviously) also not a qualification for speaking on animal behavior, breed identification, genetics, statistics, or anything else beyond how to sterilize floors in a vet practice.

    I wonder how familiar Delise is with the Psychopathy Checklist – Revised? It often looks like she's choosing her personality characteristics from that list.

  2. It is time the pit bull advocates are taken to task for their misinformation and fantasy based opinions. Clearly, the only opinions worthy of merit in pit bull attacks are those of the victims who were present during the attack and the medical professionals who repaired the damage from the attack.

    All the fabricated research from a biased outsider belongs in the e-shredder.

  3. The shelf-life on pit bulls and bully breeds has come due. The resistance to the propaganda is growing as the fatality and mauling statistics surpass the inaccurate and purposefully deceitful claims made by the "stakeholders". Now is the time for a "come to Jesus" – before there is another death. Thank you to the author for your mindful analysis and commentary.

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