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17 thoughts on “Settlement Reached in Dog Mauling Death; Lawsuit Against Former Dog Warden and Montgomery County to Close

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  1. The sheer quantity of evil that this case is steeped in is soul numbing. She had reasonable fear of the dogs, she reported them to the proper authorities many, many times, and nothing ever got done. She lived in fear, died in terror and pain, and was sent to Heaven by the organized forces of evil. People have a desire to harbor dangerous animals in residential neighborhoods, because they do not love their neighbor, instead, they hate their neighbor. People who love their neighbor choose animals as pets that are not capable of maiming or killing their neighbor.

      • Absolutely correct.
        There is a reason the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled the police and the rest of the government are under no legal obligation to protect you.

        Ultimately the only person responsible for your protection is you. Many people don’t understand this until it is too late.

        • As my favorite youtube moderator John Correia (Active Self Protection) has said over and over “you are responsible for your own self protection.”

  2. So what happened to Mark kumph?


    Then this. Basically a bigger better job:

    My favorite part in this article:

    He will earn $100,000 annually, the Detroit News said.In Montgomery County, Kumpf’s annual salary in 2018 was $86,611.20.

  3. The 2 most unbelievable post scripts to this story.
    #1 The taxpayers paid for Nason to become a “certified dog trainer”. This would be like paying to teach Jeffrey Dahmer to become a chef.

    #2 There were protest over Mark Kumpf’s hiring in Detroit, not because his chronic mismanagement and criminal neglect lead to the death of Ms.Richey. No they were protesting because Mr. Kumpf euthanized too many un-adoptable murder mutts for their taste. He was still to active for the hard core “no kill” and pitiot crowd. Sadly I don’t think this settlement will cost him a dime.

      • yeah and isnt it interesting (and so hypocritical) that these so called ‘animal rights activists totally condone dogs killing cats but not shooting or removing the dogs that kill cats -or other ppls pets no matter what they be?
        that is hypocrisy and 1 of my many many pet peeves!

        • I am an animal activist and I am a supporter of this site. I do NOT excuse dogs killing other pets or people and agree with the euthanasia of vicious dogs.
          The work of Merritt Clifton is what originally brought me to this site. To me, he is the true face of animal advocacy…not these pit nutters disguising themselves as champions for all species, when they really only care about killer pits.

  4. may karma strike mark kumpf and he be ripped apart and mauled to NEAR death losing all 4 limbs and both eyes…and live ha ha ha -come on KARMA! yeah!

  5. This is abhorrent on so many levels That county let this poor woman die. 50 complaints and they do nothing?! What is wrong with people? This is disgusting. Why on earth couldn’t they do their jobs and get rid of the maulers?! I know animal control is really pathetic these days, but this is a whole new level of negligence. I hope her family can finally get the peace and justice they deserve.

  6. In Indianapolis animal control, the organization went through one director after another until it found one supportive of pit bulls. Now when the shelter is overflowing with dogs, mostly pit bulls, there are free adoptions which thankfully includes all dogs spayed or neutered.

    • There free pit bull give-aways really sicken me. We have those in my local area as well, whenever the shelters get overfilled with them. The people most likely to fall for this are poor people, who are most likely elderly or families with children…..the kind of people who are most at risk from pit bulls. Like you said, at least they spay/neuter them….which may not decrease their killer instinct, but it does at least keep them from reproducing.

      • This is also unfair to the animals given away this way. If people can’t afford the adoption fee how are they going to provide the rest of the care pet animals need? And yet over and over I see requests from people for free vet care, free medication, free training and so forth. Ridiculous!

  7. It’s sad that Richey relied on authorities to protect her and a fence that couldn’t keep out determined aggressive and dangerous dogs. Sometimes we must swallow hard and take yet even more stringent actions to protect ourselves. I weep for Klonda Richey and all such terrorized citizens. I am angered that authorities are so crass. I hope for a better future.

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