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14 thoughts on “State Law Only Allows for Meager Charges After Near Fatal Mauling

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  1. Were the dogs traced back to the breeder?

    Breeders state that dogs are property.

    Well, just like companies, breeders need to be responsible for the liability their produced product creates.

    The breeder(s) of these dogs need to be named in the lawsuit.

    As for the police officer and his statement about "self policing," do they allow criminals to self-police themselves? This dog owner was a criminal that broke the law. The city or town helped him continue to break the law over and over again, until the inevitable attack happened. They are as guilty as the dog owner.

    Cities and towns MUST be sued when they behave like this. They enabled this attack.

    Also, the person that did not press charges when bitten did a very bad thing, probably without knowing. ALL dog attacks must be reported officially and charges made, as well as a lawsuit. If that had happened, this attack probably would not have.

  2. From user (domsdad):

    Many times the question itself is the best answer. How often have we doubted out loud the sensibilities of another’s actions only to hear the retort “If you have to ask” When the question becomes are Pit Bulls dangerous, “really do you have to ask” Sane people weight risk against reward. For them it is natural to recognize the 160 dog breeds available to choose from as abundant opportunity to take a responsible decision. These folks forge their identity in the soundness of mind and reward that comes from balanced decision taking. In their vernacular such choices are referred to as a “no brainier“. Which begs the question who in their right mind, Come on now “Really do you have to ask”

  3. The response offered by the police is insulting. It's further disturbing that the Dog Warden won't even go on the record. Both departments must be feeling quite foolish given all of the RESOURCES Mitchell's dogs have already taken (call after call, ticket after ticket). Given their actions, it was inevitable that a horrible James Bright situation would result. The 2010 victim critically erred by not pressing charges. But how much did this person truly know about Mitchell's past? My guess is, NEITHER the police nor the Dog Warden shared Mitchell's lengthily track record with the person. They may, however, have shared that Mitchell was a convicted felon, which scared the hell out of the person.

  4. Even though it's incredibly difficult to sue a county or township for negligence or wrong doing (most have legislation in place that is very restrictive) the victim of this dog attack should consider it and pursue it if it's at all feasible. The police department and animal control UTTERLY failed in their duties, and this is the inevitable result. And this should be a lesson to ANY victim of a dog attack, whether the dog owner pays medical bills or not. REPORT. PRESS CHARGES, or you, too, could have blood on your hands.

  5. As much as I'd like to see BSL, roundup and putting-down of all dogs of fighting breeds…

    It would really help if we'd just instantly put down any dog (never mind breed) that seriously attacked a human or other animal.

    Why would anyone have a problem with that, considering it isn't BSL?

  6. Sputnik, I AGREE! i completely and totally support euthanizing dogs that attack unprovoked (and i am not talking about perceived provocation). it should be an automatic death sentence, regardless of victim's species, regardless of breed.

  7. I think it's clear now why at least one of the other bite victims did NOT want to bring charges. Police and animal control knew about this dangerous pair and their dangerous frankenmaulers. Dog Warden Bob Ferguson still hasn't talked to the media…

  8. Lorie,

    We encourage you to leave this same comment at the following blog (
    Scorched Earth, the Politics of Pit Bulls) that primarily blogs about Ohio dog bite issues. The most recent post talks about the Montgomery County Dog Warden (Dayton) and how he is currently being sued for failure to take proper action (impound the dogs & designate the dogs as a nuisance) after 13 complaints and 46 calls to Dayton police. His failure resulted in a woman's horrific death. The Scorched Earth blogger will be very interested in knowing the same thing is happening in Lucas County.

  9. Me and my dog were attacked by three dogs in Toledo on July 15,16. I held my Pomeranian up over my head to try to save him, but they got him 3 times, and they then attacked both my legs. I think 2 of them were mixed cane corsos and pit. I had never seen pit bulls that large with huge heads. I was taken by ambulance to the ER and a neighbor took my dog to the vet. I was wheel chair bound for 2 weeks and I'm unable to have a normal gait. The same dogs attacked another person before me, and I mistakenly thought that those dogs would have been taken by the dog warden then, but I was wrong. After I was bitten, neighbors told me of another person that had been attacked on a street over. I was told by the dw that there is no limit to how many times someone's dogs can bite, each case is handle individually. I was told that unless you have a serious injury, the dogs won't be taken. What is serious to them? I could have lost my foot and still cannot walk too much on it. I still have horrible pain from damaged nerves. These dogs still remain in a house that doesn't even have a fenced yard. No one is safe.

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