2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Bryan County Toddler Killed by Family Pit Bulls

Victim of fatal pit bull mauling: Monica Renee Laminack of Ellebell, GA. Mother 'Studying' UPDATE 04/17/13: A mother charged with child cruelty in the dog mauling death of her daughter was in her bedroom studying for her GED diploma when the toddler was attacked by the family's pit bulls, according to her attorney. The child slipped into the backyard unnoticed through a doggie door and was attacked and killed by the animals. Yesterday, Summer Laminack was charged with secon… [Read full blog post]

Report: Texas Dog Bite Fatalities, January 1, 2005 to February 17, 2013

The report shows that 34 Texas dog bite fatalities were recorded during this period, more dog bite-related deaths than any other state. Impediments to reduce these deaths include the One Bite rule and the 1991 statewide measure that prohibits breed-specific laws. Austin, TX - In just over the last 8-years, 34 Texans were killed by dogs. Pit bulls were responsible for 76% of the total recorded deaths. The second most lethal dog breed, rottweilers, accounted for 15%. Pit bull… [Read full blog post]

Westwego Woman Loses Eye, Ear and Both Arms After Pet Pit Bulls Attack

Linda Henry after surviving a near fatal pit bull mauling. Victim After Mauling UPDATE 05/31/13: Linda Henry who was nearly mauled to death by her own pit bulls in March, recently spoke to WDSU.com. Henry suffered the loss of both arms and disfiguring eye injury in the savage attack. The dogs also ripped most of her scalp from her skull. "The worst part," Henry said, "was my head." Henry underwent skin grafts this week to replace the skin that was ripped from her skull. A local com… [Read full blog post]

2013 Dog Bite Fatality: 7-Year Old 'Visiting' Galesburg Boy Killed by Pit Bull

Ryan Maxwell shown next to his school's remembrance sign. New Details Emerge UPDATE 03/10/13: The Register-Mail published two updates Sunday that help clarify family relationships and the events leading up to the fatal dog attack. Ryan was brutally killed by a pit bull while visiting the home of Susan Ferguson on Whiting Avenue on March 2. The Ferguson family had two pit bulls; police shot the dog, named Ghost, that attacked Ryan. Ashiya Ferguson, Susan's daughter, surren… [Read full blog post]