West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Upholds Town of Ceredo's Pit Bull Ban

High Court Upholds Pit Bull Ban Charleston, WV - In a memorandum decision filed January 14, the highest court in West Virginia affirmed the constitutionality of a breed-specific ordinance that prohibited the ownership of pit bull terriers in the Town of Ceredo. In the decision, the high court affirmed the order of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Darrell Pratt, who had affirmed the Municipal Court of Ceredo's conviction of three defendants for the possession of pit bulls w… [Read full blog post]

2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Dog Mauls Grandmother to Death While Babysitting Toddler

Daughter Recounts Attack UPDATE 05/01/14: On May 1, 2014, Ruth Todd Halleran, Betty Todd's daughter, provided an account of the vicious attack that killed her mother to DaxtonsFriends.com. Fatal pit bull maulings are horrific and Halleran does not leave anything out. She also describes her wonderful childhood with her mother. Halleran last sees Betty alive on January 6, 2013. Two days later, she would receive a call from her brother, "I’m so sorry Ruthie. My momma is gone.… [Read full blog post]

2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Chained Pit Bull Kills Boy in Montgomery County, Texas

Christian Gormanous, 4-years old, was killed by his neighbor's chained pit bull. Sister Helped Boy UPDATE 01/20/13: More information has been released about the 4-year old boy killed by a chained pit bull. Christian Gormanous was playing with his 9-year old sister, Trinity, in their backyard when he climbed over a chain link fence into his neighbor's yard. Though the dog was chained, it was still within reach of the boy. The animal attacked the boy. Trinity was able to get her… [Read full blog post]

2012 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Statistics - DogsBite.org

Fatal Dog Attack Statistics DogsBite.org recorded 38 fatal dog attacks in 2012.1 Citations of each victim's story are located on the Fatality Citations page. The last year the CDC recorded human deaths by dog breeds was 1998. Likely due to pressures from animal advocacy groups, the CDC stopped further research into this area. Since 1998, pit bulls alone have killed 208 U.S. citizens. The only other known entity, in addition to DogsBite.org, that tracks this vital data publ… [Read full blog post]