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4 thoughts on “West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Upholds Town of Ceredo's Pit Bull Ban

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  1. Thank heavens you're keeping track of all this and compiling the jurisprudence in a single, easy to find place. I do think the day will come when courts dismiss this kind of appeal out of hand because the issue has already been decided by so many courts.

    Thank you!

  2. Regarding those who fight against BSL legislation and the "punish the deed, not the breed" camp. I am involved in dog rescue and animal fostering, but refuse to foster pit bulls. You would not believe the flack I get from some fellow dog rescuers about this. Shelter staff try to push these dogs on volunteer foster parents, which leads a number of the latter to quit. I may be one of the defectors eventually.

    When I foster a Basset Hound and he wants to sniff everything while he's out for a walk, even though he has never been used in tracking, I realize and accept that tracking is a genetic trait of scent hounds. Similarly, if I encounter a Border Collie who tries to herd people despite having no history a herding dog, I accept that this is a genetic trait as well. When a Greyhound needs to run regularly, I realize that's bred into them. Most people have the same realizations for these breeds–they recognize and accept certain traits as genetic. So why is it that pit bull apologists have problems admitting that this breed has a genetic predisposition to be aggressive?

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