2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Pair of Pit Bulls at Mobile Home Park in Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Dog Owner Faces Involuntary Manslaughter Charge; Other Offenses The Moncks Corner mobile home park where David Eller was killed by two pit bulls. Dog Owners Charged UPDATE 11/02/23: Berkeley County detectives charged two individuals in connection to the death of 65-year old David Eller in the Pleasant Oak Mobile Home Park off of Old Whitesville Road. Shannan Christine McCrackin, 45, of Moncks Corner, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and two counts of dang… [Read full blog post]

Mini Horse Needs Your Help After Vicious Dog Attack in Bethune, South Carolina; One Mini Has Already Died

While Preparing this Post, We were Informed that Rebel Died The pregnant mini horse, Chocolate, seen from one side of her stall after the dog attack. Chocolate Died UPDATE 08/27/22: We were informed on Saturday, August 27, that Chocolate, who was pregnant, was found dead in the family's pasture at about 5:00 pm. Both of the family's mini horses died due to injuries from the vicious dog attack on August 5. "Chocolate is dead, she was just found dead. Both of our horses are dead jus… [Read full blog post]

2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Owner Charged After Dogs Contribute to Man's Death in Chesterfield County, South Carolina

Scottie Brigman, 34, was found dead covered in bite marks with four pit bulls nearby. Dog Owner Charged UPDATE 07/18/22: A Chesterfield County man is now facing serious charges after a man was found dead after a dog attack. Shantell Ross faces one count of involuntary manslaughter and three counts of vicious unleashed animals in connection to the death of Scottie Brigman, 34, whose body was discovered in the middle of Bailey Saw Mill Road on May 14 covered in bite marks. He was s… [Read full blog post]

2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman, 45, Mauled to Death by Own Dog in Newberry, South Carolina

Erin Beach, 45, died after being attacked by her own dog at a home on Apple Orchard Lane. Woman Killed by Dog Newberry, SC - A 45-year old woman is dead after being attacked by her own dog, according to the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office. EMS and sheriff's deputies responded to call on Apple Orchard Lane at about 12:53 pm on April 21. Both agencies said the dog showed "very aggressive behavior" toward them -- the dog was dispatched at the scene. Newberry County Coroner Laura Knee… [Read full blog post]