Aurora Citizens: Do Not Rescind Your Successful Pit Bull Ban

Vote No on Pit Bull Ballot Question, Proposition 2D Vote No on Proposition 2D Aurora, CO - On October 14, ballots will begin to be mailed to all registered voters in Aurora, Colorado. In a first ever general election vote, the public will be asked the following: "Shall the people of Aurora adopt an ordinance allowing pit bulls back into their city?" We urge residents of Aurora to vote no. The City of Aurora adopted a pit bull ban in 2005. Since this time, serious pit bull maulings ha… [Read full blog post]

West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Upholds Town of Ceredo's Pit Bull Ban

High Court Upholds Pit Bull Ban Charleston, WV - In a memorandum decision filed January 14, the highest court in West Virginia affirmed the constitutionality of a breed-specific ordinance that prohibited the ownership of pit bull terriers in the Town of Ceredo. In the decision, the high court affirmed the order of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Darrell Pratt, who had affirmed the Municipal Court of Ceredo's conviction of three defendants for the possession of pit bulls w… [Read full blog post]

Canada Supreme Court Upholds Ontario's Pit Bull Ban: Rules Ban is Constitutional

Law Not "Arbitrary"Ottawa, CA - It was announced last week that the Canada Supreme Court refused the appeal against the Ontario pit bull ban brought by Catherine Cochrane of Toronto, which leaves the Ontario law untouched and constitutionally sound. In October of 2008, the Ontario Court of Appeal overwhelmingly upheld the law, known as the Dog Owners' Liability Act of 2005, that bans the breeding, sale and ownership of pit bulls in the province of Ontario. The high court ref… [Read full blog post]

Ontario Court Of Appeals Upholds Province's Pit Bull Ban

Pit Bulls Ruled "Unpredictable" Toronto, CA - Pit bulls are dangerous and unpredictable dogs that have the potential to attack without warning, the Ontario Court of Appeal said today in a decision upholding the province's ban on the animals. The Ontario government enacted the Dog Owners' Liability Act in 2005 to ban the breeding, sale and ownership of pit bulls after several incidents in which the dogs attacked people. The ruling confirms that the ban is constitutional. Th… [Read full blog post]