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4 thoughts on “Solesky Family Releases 911 Call at the Center of High Court Decision, Tracey v. Solesky

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  1. I wonder whether Maryland voters understand the corruption they are dealing with in their elected officials. Here's one example of how a Maryland official reacted to the Solesky ruling:

    "FREDERICK, MD – President Blaine Young of the Frederick Board of County Commissioners today expressed great displeasure over a recent court case of Tracey v. Solesky held by the Maryland Court of Appeals that targets pit bull and pit bull mixture dogs.
    President Young said, “Frederick County will not profile pit bulls into extinction due to this unfortunate ruling."

    Puzzling, until you get the next facts that Young himself stated for the press:

    "My daughter has a pit bull, and I've never felt uncomfortable around a pit bull. I don't feel uncomfortable around this pit bull," says Blaine Young, President, Frederick County Commissioners."

    In written correspondence with a friend of mine, Young then declared that he considers it none of his business whether his daughter has sufficient insurance for if her pit bull mauls or kills someone. Hey, she's an adult and owns her own home. Alerted to the fact that the price of a home might not cover medical bills, Young wrote 'Thanks for your opinion, have a nice day.'

    Commissioner Blaine R. Young will be only one of many officials who are confusing the personal interests of their children and friends with the public interest they're elected to protect. I call this particular kind of 'confusion' corruption. In addition, the arrogance of the response shows that we need to put the fear of the electorate into these politicians.

    I hope that many Maryland constituents will take the time to send the link to the 911 call to their elected representatives, with a note that if they 'repair' the Solesky ruling to suit the pit lobby's interests, they better be afraid of the next election.

    I also hope that Maryland constituents will publicly post any arrogant, self-serving, 'my daughter'-serving responses they get from politicians. Name and shame them.

  2. Listening to this makes me furious. I thank the Soleskys for making this public. Though it must be so painful, I think it is extremely powerful and hope Maryland legislators will have the courage and decency to listen to it.

    Agreed – Thank you Sputnik – very illuminating.

  3. I avoided listening to the recording when I first saw it posted online. I am familiar with the Solesky case, and I was afraid to listen to the 911 call.

    It is as scary and awful as I'd feared it would be.

    I am filled with so much hatred for that terrible dog and its degenerate child-bullying scumbag owner right now.

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