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5 thoughts on “Anthony Solesky, Father of Pit Bull Mauling Victim, to Testify at Hearings

  1. More info on issues with the House impasse. Del. Kramer is an unabashed shill for the insurance lobby, "Do you think the insurance companies are just going to sit back and not respond to this kind of sea change?" Krammer* asked." It's perfectly clear with the 41-1 vote from the Senate where the Senate stands. Sen. Frosh responds, "If it gets real twisted and complex, I think it will probably unravel because nobody is planning to spend next week here." I could be wrong, but Kramer appears to be a low totem pole guy in the House and is currently serving out his second term. He also "had" a sister in the Senate but she was booted in 2010. Oh, this is funny, his campaign website calls him a "New Breed of Representative who Works for Us, Not Special Interests." Funny, har har:
    *The Patch article didn't even spell his name right…

  2. Bad Day for the Occupy Maul Street Movement….

    Miami Ban Repeal rejected by Land Slide Vote!

    Pit Bulls still Legally Vicious in Maryland!

    Statewide Ballot initiatives to repeal immoral pre-emptive BSL restrictions needed NOW!

  3. It's not only the special interests lobbies (insurance, kennel clubs, pit-freaks) — it's also personal corruption. To give just one concrete example…

    I have got hold of personal email correspondence in which Frederick County (Maryland) Commissioner Blaine R. Young admits that not only various friends but also his DAUGHTER has a pit bull…and so he will be voting so as to protect their interests above those of his constituents and their children.

    When pressed, Commissioner Young admits that he doesn't know, and states that HE DOESN'T CARE, whether his daughter has insurance adequate to cover damages if her pit bull should attack someone.

    Apparently MD Senate President Mike Miller is, as yet, not as corrupted as this Blaine R. Young type of politician — thank heavens for MD residents and above all MD children.

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