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6 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Missing Georgia Child Killed by Dog

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  1. Blunt force trauma to the head could be the injury that killed the child – by far not the only injuries he had!!! Could a dog with a large mouth biting down on a child's head crushing its skull be considered a 'BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA' ??? I remember the father of the child killed on his 1st birthday in Nevada by "ONION" describing the shape his child's face and head was in by the time he ran down the stairs after hearing the grandmother screaming – not his child screaming. The child died almost instantly!!!

  2. Comment left at WALB:
    ashley — OK HERE ARE THE ANSWERS TO EVERYONES QUESTIONS.!!!! not the whole yard is fenced in. my aunt and uncle have bad hearing.(my aunt is "62" and my uncle is "75" years old) my aunt samantha brytons mom was in the shower. the grass is high actually very high. there was bite marks the news just has not updated everything yet. Lou lou the family dog was inside at the time there yard may not look that big in the video but its actually 12 acres of land and The Autopsy came back POSITIVE FOR DOG ATTACK.!!!!!

  3. I'll betcha money that the "reddish blonde bulldog" is actually a pit bull. But you have to give 'em credit for their creative use of the English language. Breed obfuscation takes real talent.

  4. Horrible tragedy. Surely the child should've been watched better. I hope photos of the dog that might have done this are released after any testing.

    It is disgusting to watch all the wannabe detectives in the comment sections to these stories. As already pointed out, they assume that since bites weren't mentioned as cause of death, then there must not have been any bites on the child. Also, they assume that if a dog kills someone that the cause of death MUST be bites and that blunt force trauma is only something like a whack with a baseball bat and not something like a crushing, etc.

    I can't believe people.

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