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15 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Person County Authorities Charge Pit Bull Owner

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  1. More background truthbird. Yet another nasty dogfighter from North Carolina. I don't even want to know what eventually happened to that AC officer. But I would like to know more about Dowell's mother "who runs a large kennel in Florida" and "taught him how to nurse his pit bulls back to health whenever they got into scrapes with each other."

  2. If the neighbor's pit bull looks like the doggie equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it didn't get that way by eating Alpo. It was trained for fighting, and that includes weight training.

    So, let's see some pictures of that dog. I'll bet you money that it's pretty bulked up.

  3. UGH under a carport with his clothes balled up beside him! Killed and stalked by an animal! Ghastly!

  4. We need to institute a policy of 'shoot roaming pit bulls on sight'. For cops, AnControl officers, and us citizens.

    A dog that attacks another dog upon life and death — or rather, an un-dog that does — is showing that it considers social partners fair game for mauling and killing. A dog that tries to kill other dogs will, thusly, have zero inhibition about killing humans.

    When will these so-called 'behavior specialist' 'animal behaviorists', etc, get this?

  5. I'll bet you money that this man has no remorse over what this dog (if it is DMX) did to the neighbor. None whatsoever.

    Can't think of any studies offhand, but I think that pit bull ownership has a high correlation with narcissism and psychopathy.

  6. Get very serious about loose dogs, and make sure that your community is too. Zero tolerance, or the result will be this.

  7. Ford has no remorse and he and his friends are EXCELLENT LIARS. They both sounded so sincere.

  8. North Carolina's 10th* Pit Bull DBRF victim….

    Apparently, US PITICDE Number 339

    US Fatal Pit Bull Attacks

    * Does not include the toddler killed by her Mother's Pit Bull type dog in 1973. The incident has proven unfindable.

  9. Now that we *finally* have the DNA evidence, put the dog down and throw the book at the owner.

  10. Charges against Ford–GOOD! That sign of his–what a jerk.

    I felt embarrassed and apologized when my dog crapped on someone's LAWN. The guy's dog kills someone in a hideous, brutal way, and he basically flips his community the bird.

    Ford needs an attitude adjustment. Bigtime.

  11. A little clean up indeed! Person County may be a small county, but not so small in their thinking. I hope more small counties reach out to the Feds for help in solving fatal dog mauling cases.

  12. Note the Obstruction of Justice charges on top of the Manslaughter charges.

    Must've done a little clean up before calling the authorities. Guess he didn't figure Law Enforcement would send the evidence to the FBI's DNA crime lab.

    May Justice Prevail…

  13. Re: The "Free DMX" sign

    Must be the owner's pit fighting buddies….DMX probably had a big match scheduled for the weekend, and somebody's losing a lot of cash.

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