2013 Dog Bite Fatality: 5-Year Old Alaska Boy Mauled to Death by Husky-Mix

Dog Put Down UPDATE 09/16/13: It was reported late Monday by the Anchorage Daily News that Kotzebue police have destroyed the husky-mix believed to have killed 5-year old Jordan Lee Reed. Police said the dog was traced and captured near to where the boy's body was found. "(The dog) was determined to be the animal that had attacked and killed the child," said police chief Eric Swisher in a statement Monday. No other information regarding the ongoing investigation was provided… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Missing Georgia Child Killed by Dog

Fatal dog attack victim Bryton Cason, first responders and his home. Dog Captured UPDATE 09/08/12: On Friday afternoon, Seminole County Sheriff's officials located the reddish-blond "bulldog" suspected in killing Bryton Cason. Investigators are now determining what to do next, such as DNA testing or an autopsy to confirm whether it's the dog that mauled the 4-year old boy to death. The boy's father, Shayne Cason told WCTV, "It shouldn't have happened to him. Somebody's… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Victoria Boy, 4, Mauled to Death by Chained Pit Bull

Kylar Johnson, 4-years old, fatal pit bull attack victim #329. News Conference UPDATE: 03/28/12: The Victoria Advocate released the 30-minute news conference given by Victoria County Sheriff T. Michael O'Conner. In summary, investigators do have answers to many questions, but are not releasing them yet. The time of the boy's death has yet to be determined by the medical examiner's office. O'Conner does address many aspects of Kylar's death including that many "conspir… [Read full blog post]