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18 thoughts on “On Pit Bull Awareness Day, Releases Video of Attack Victims

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  1. Congratulations on a very important piece to educate so many on the scope of this problem in the United States. The pit bull advocates will eventually lose. They will never be able to stop the genetics of the dog. On pit bull awareness day often these dogs are dressed with costumes to appear harmless. Their owners are often not very good with people. They ignore the human tragedy caused by this breed denying genetics. May God watch over the innocent victims and all those whose pets have been attacked and killed by pit bulls.

  2. Beautiful job. And very moving, very sad, and very tragic. Thank you for the job that you are doing educating the public about pit bulls and other dangerous breeds.

  3. So many lives changed, 6 lives ended. This simply can NOT be allowed to continue. The physical, emotional and financial toll is intolerable.

  4. I want to thank Colleen for the great effort, sensitivity,and stark reality of a masterful video. It’s very sad to view as a victim yet we watch because all of us want our mauling to be the last mauling.

  5. Colleen & have provided an essential service to the health, safety & welfare of all Americans for providing the truth and a rational examination of this tragedy. Local and state government officials have been misled and lied to by the organized lobbying machine of pit bull breeders and "animal welfare groups" who are crippled by severe ethical conflicts, monetary self-interest, and series of propaganda slogans illogically based upon anthropomorphic concepts that do not stand up against the facts or critical analysis. This is why pit-bull restrictions, where carefully written, have been upheld by EVERY court reviewing this rational response to the horrors presented by canus lupus frankensteinus – these dogs that were intentionally selectively bred by mankind for evil purposes. No child, senior citizen, or other weak or infirm person would be able to survive a sustained mauling from a tenacious pit bull without suffering severe bodily injury or death. Pit Bulls ARE unique, as they do carry a genetic predisposition to engage in dangerous attack behaviors – mainly the bite, hold & shake techniques that the ONLY medical experts in the country to review injuries inflicted by pit bulls have determined to be comparable to shark attacks.

    Every first responder – fire dept., police dept., EMT, Emergency Room medical personnel, pediatrician, plastic surgeon, and coroner should stand up in defense of these victims – and the future victims – who have no other voice or representation than and should contribute financially AND push/drage their professional organizations to support pit bull restrictions efforts.

    Everyone should send an email to their local and state elected official giving them a hyperlink to this website and tell them "NO MORE"!

    Just as Las Vegas animal trainers Sigried & Roy showed that some lions and tigers can be made into pets kept by highly trained experts, it doesn't mean that every lion and tiger should be allowed in every neighborhood. The difference between a pit bull and other dog breeds is the difference between a hand grenade and a firecracker: The odds of an unintended detonation may be uncalculable, but the potential for damage is much higher in one than the other – thus justifying differential treatment.

    No one wants to ban poodles or cocker spaniels, as their bites do not raise the same potential for damage. While pit bull regulations are not the golden bullet to solve every problem with dogs – it doesn't mean that hand grenades shouldn't be controlled because it doesn't solve the problem of the reckless misuse of firecrackers.

  6. Kory: Absolutely Brilliant!
    It is easy to see why Denver has a ban. And I now know why you are so hated among the pit nutters. They can not win this argument with you.
    Thank you.

  7. At the heart of the pit bull problem is the fact that there are a lot of people making a lot of money breeding, selling, and fighting pit bulls.

    They include not only recognizable criminals but also housewives, police officers, mayors, veterinarians, maybe your next door neighbor, and a whole cast of other characters that have been operating in secret for a long time.

    This is big money organized crime, and pit bull breeders also get other dog breeders to help protect their activities and oppose laws because many, many dog breeders are engaged in tax fraud and questionable activity.

    They make a lot of money in underground, hidden income that they don’t claim and don’t pay taxes on, so they always oppose any laws regarding dog breeding or handling, licensing or anything that might expose their hidden businesses and affect their incomes.

    This is all about the money, and some naive “humane” type people have gotten suckered in to protecting the pit bull image by these very dog fighters and breeders.

  8. I hate to say it, but it’s often not their fault. They love their dogs and expect the advocate sites to tell them the truth. After reading those sites, pit bull owners feel they are educated, and they really don’t know how misinformed they are. They probably don’t want to know. But that’s why so many repeat the same lines, they think it is the truth. They think the info is up to date. And they want so desperately for the advocates to be right and us to be wrong. In a way, I feel sorry for them, because they will be a victim too when their dog snaps after they thought all they had to do was “raise it properly”. Pit bull advocates are the number one cause of BSL.

  9. People are clueless. We bred these dogs to kill other dogs and people. So when you leave your pittbull unattended with a child, what the hell do you thinks going to happen. Im a Dog Trainer and i dont even trust myself with my own pittbull and shes the most lovable animal ive had. The animal is a killer. It is what it is. Ban them.

  10. “Im a Dog Trainer and i dont even trust myself with my own pittbull and shes the most lovable animal ive had. The animal is a killer.”

    Classic LTS….Lion Tamer Syndrome!

    BTW, there is only one “T” in “Pit Bull”….Good luck!

  11. Your video is fabulous. You honor those who have been injured or died with great compassion. Visually the video is beautiful as well.

  12. Thanks for the video. That was quite good. I’ll be perma-linking this in youtube so don’t take it down. The extent and atrocity of these injuries alone should make people wake up, but pit bull advocates are a strange group who deny the reality about the genetics of their so-called breed. I live in VA, which is a non-BSL state but I will be sure to working with my community to try and change that.

  13. Great video, many thanks to your site. I wish there was a video that showed the violence of a pit bull attack, as that is what is hard to convey unless you have experienced it first-hand. Something that approximates the awful shock that you get when you see them in action. We need to educate the public and video is the strongest tool in our culture.

  14. Thank you for your information. We are having a bad time at the moment with dog issues in our town. Those pro for non banning of dog species speak loud and running common sense out the door. Our politicians take a stand for the safety of the population and are being critized now. I needed to read your site to stick to my gut feelings on the subject. I love dogs but will never put a family member or community at danger for the look of a muscle dog.

  15. I have loved and had dogs my whole life. I have never owned nor would I own a pit bull. I have seen first hand what they are capable of even when unprovoked. They have a large capacity for jealousy, for their owner, "their property" and will attack without cause to eradicate the perceived threat. With all of the dog breeds available, I personally think eradication of the breed would not be unthinkable. That would end dog fighting or certainly curtail it, and quite possibly save untold numbers of lives from death and disability due to owners who haven't a clue. When you own a killing machine, you can NEVER let your guard down, EVER. Mandatory muzzling laws when not in a approved dog kennel would certainly be indicated if eradication isn't possible. Cruel,you say? No, death, dismemberment and maiming due to owner ignorance is cruel. A muzzle law would go a long way to compensate for owner ignorance.

  16. I have a friend who rescuse pitbulls & is in total denial about these killing machines.

    Enough is enough. Genetics prove stronger than owners.

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