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5 thoughts on “Cockfighting: A Bloodsport Largely Unrealized by the American Public

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  1. It makes absolute sense that cockfighters and dogfighters would overlap. They're sociopaths.

    Roy Jones Jr. is one of the most abhorrent people I've read about in a while. Why is he not in jail?

    I love his argument that he continues to fight cocks because he did it when he was a kid. Preserving tradition. Like preserving the breeds.

  2. Cockfighting is NOT a victimless crime either. When the Newcastle disease hit Ca, it cost the taxpayers millions. Millions of chickens were killed. People with pet birds in quarantine areas had to give up their beloved pets for euthanasia, not even being allowed to take their pet to their own vet or be present for euthanasia. I went through that experience, they came to my door. Thank God, I wasn't in the quarantine area but it came close to me. Had my area been declared a quarantine area, my birds would have been taken from me. (Yeah, over my dead body)

    This link has a news story from the Press Enterprise, the second or third one listed, that has the late Senator Nell Soto giving me as her inspiration to make cockfighting a felony in CA.

    When I learned about Newcastle, I did my research as a bird owner and discovered that they were blaming cockfighters for bringing in the disease. I wrote a letter to Senator Soto out of frustration, never expecting anything from it. She invited me to Sacramento to go before a Senate committee. I want to point out that you never know when your letter or opinion will be the one to bring change. I want to encourage everyone to stop and write letters, make phone calls, and hope for the best. One person can make a difference, let that one person be you.
    Pat Dunaway

  3. There was a big bust in Mobile County recently. The birdmen are really vile — "blinkers" and "rattlers" —
    The roosters are armed with sharp, steel blades that are tied to their legs. Often times, they're also injected with drugs. As we found with our hidden cameras, handlers will do anything to keep the fight going, even suck the blood out a bird's beak to keep it from choking to death.

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