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10 thoughts on “Pit Bull Dog Aggression: East Texas Man Dies Fighting Off Pit Bulls in Van Zandt County

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  1. i am still looking for another heart attack suffered from witnessing a pit bull attack on a pet. i know there is at least one other and i think it was in the UK. i will post if i find it.

  2. Sheriff Burnett, “does not anticipate filing any charges.”

    I hope the Sheriff gives this more thought, and I hope the family files a wrongful death suit.

  3. Bottom line

    Dog aggression, particularly in pit bulls, causes HUMAN DEATH, and it is why the rescues, shelters, and breeders that are selling dog-aggressive pit bulls are in essence getting people killed.

    They need to accept responsibility for the liability they create.

    A very important thing to note. Ledy VanKavage, a pit bull lobbyist who now works for Best Friends Animal Society in Utah lobbying for and promoting pit bulls, used to work for the ASPCA in New York.

    While in New York, she advocated to PROTECT dog-aggressive pit bulls, in particular pit bulls that had unprovoked attacked other dogs. She did not want such dogs declared dangerous and properly contained so that future attacks did not occur. She wanted to protect this activity.

    It is also important to know that Ledy VanKavage, when talking about a pit bull her family maintained when she was young, indicated that it roamed the neighborhood and attacked and killed other pets.

    Pit bull promoters advocate FOR cruelty to dogs other than pit bulls, and also enable these attacks that result in human death and maiming.

  4. No, these non bite fatalities shouldn't be minimized. They should call attention to how horrifically different pit bull attacks are. This man was older, but was an ex-marine with a proven healthy heart. He was courageous and amazingly quick-thinking and tenacious. He used two weapons on the pit, and yet he died. This simply should not happen.

    Thank you for calling attention to just how many people suffer heart attacks from these atrociously violent incursions into civilized society.

    I can picture this family so clearly. They're tired from the drive there and back, all the family togetherness, and from their big Thanksgiving dinner. Their day is almost over, but they still have to let the dog out and haul the dishes and leftovers inside before they can rest…

    Why is it so difficult for so many people to understand that these attacks are monstrously primitive, unrelentingly cruel, all-out assaults on innocent people and animals just living their lives in what they thought was a civil society?

    As for your question, could I do what veteran USM Richard Martratt did: No. After a long day, I would not be so courageous and quick-thinking.

    You are so right – lawmakers should ask themselves: could they do this? Should anyone be called upon to do this?

  5. I can't keep track anymore…How many deaths is the Pit Community responsible for now since 2005…


    The AntiBSL law crafted by the Dog Law in Texas is Immoral.

  6. In 1999 a Washington DC Firefighter died from a heart attack while being attacked by a Pit responding to a fire.

    The net drain on society from the Pit Community is collossal

  7. Miller's a filthy pit breeder:

    "Meanwhile Miller is trying to find homes for his other dogs. He says for the last year he's called several rescue shelters to take them but no one will. "If there's anybody who can help me get homes for these other puppies so this doesn't have to happen…
    If you or someone you know want to adopt one of Miller's dogs, you can contact him at 903-829-2513. "

  8. For everyone's information. Yes all of this is true, except the that was attacked was not a border collie, he was an Australian Kelpie, he was a border collie/dingo mix. We did not press charges and Mr. Miller is NOT a "filthy pitbull breeder". The dog that was attacked his name was Collie. He was a shelter dog that my grandfather rescued. I know all of this because Richard was my stepfather. He shot the dog 4 times and before doing so he stabbed him in the neck 11 times.

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