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8 thoughts on “What Happens When A Victim Does Not Report a Dog Bite?

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  1. I wonder why the medical establishment isn't required to report to animal control when dog bites are treated? It seems like a common sense law to prevent future injuries.

    If the pit bull lobby came out against that it would show their true colors to everyone.

  2. This seems to vary in different jurisdictions. At the very least, the medical establishment should be concerned with the rabies quarantine, which is state law across the board.

  3. It is also important to file the bite report not just with animal control but the police department, the mayor's or city council department, and any other authority including the state.

    Reports filed with one department can often mysteriously be "lost."

    Keep copies of your reports. Send them by certified mail and keep receipts to prove they were accepted. A verbal or email complaint is never enough.

    It is also vitally important to contact an attorney if there has been any damage, injury, anything. The sooner the better. That goes for injuries such as dog knocking you down, any related injury by a dog. And find an attorney with experience handling dog bite or injury cases.

  4. The hospital and doctor was negligent by not reporting that dog bite. There are laws regarding reporting due to rabies, etc.

  5. My neighbors pit I'll jumped her fence and attacked another neighbors dog (bordering yard). I'm one yard over and wonder if I can report since the neighbors involved won't.

  6. Thank you all for helping make a decision with a neighbor's dog that attacked my daughter

  7. I was viciously attacked by a dog about 3 weeks ago and I didn’t report it and now the owners calling me up about her vet bills

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