2024 Dog Bite Fatality: East Texas Dog Owner Charged after Man Found Dead with Wounds Consistent with Dog Bites

This video is from February 1, after a man was found dead with wounds consistent with dog bites. Criminal Charges Filed Longview, TX - A man with a lengthy criminal history has been arrested in connection to a man found dead with wounds consistent with dog bites on February 1, according to police. Martin Gilbert Rodriguez, 56, of Longview, was charged with attack by dog causing death under the Texas felony dog attack law. The 46-year old victim has been identified as Kenneth Pie… [Read full blog post]

East Texas Woman Severely Mauled by Pit Bull at 'Dog Friendly' Private RV Park

Couple Warns of Hidden Dangers and Unknown Information Lorrie George was mauled by a pit bull at an East Texas RV park on November 12th, 2012. Willis, TX - Last November, Lorrie George, 59-years old, was viciously attacked by a tethered pit bull while visiting a friend at a private RV park in Willis, Texas. The injury nearly cost Lorrie her left leg. What follows in this post, told through the eyes of Lorrie and her partner Thomas, is what led up to the mauling and what unfolded in it… [Read full blog post]